Sunday, October 15, 2017
CSC Run by the Bay 2017

Evening peeps! It's Sunday, I am back for another weekly update. I have just completed 2 x 10km run in the beginning of October. I hope my hard work will also inspire you guys to go running too. Hahas. Anyway, in this post, I will be sharing my experience for the recent CSC run which took place on 1 October 2017 (Sunday) at Marina Barrage. This is my second time running with the franchise and I took part in the 10km category this time round too.

Collection of the race package took place in the Civil Service Club main clubhouse at Tessensohn Road. The collection is rather small-scaled but the queue to collect the race package is moving steadily so I collected mine in like 15 ~ 20 minutes despite the long queue. This year's race pack has all the basic essentials like the race bibs and race singlet. As I am in the public sector, I enjoyed special rates for the race. Overall, it cost me S$35.00.

The racepack for this year's race

Unpacking the goodies bag

However, the package doesn't include the shuttle service to the race village on the race day. So, to save some bucks, I purchase the bus pass from Share Transport. It cost me another S$6.00 for the race. The driver was pretty on-time that day and I am glad as I reached Marina Barrage with ample time depositing my race baggage. To my runner friends and readers, I believed that Share Transport will be partnering with many race organiser in the future so, it's better to get the app on your apple store/google play today.

The race was flagged off on time for the 10km category but it was mentioned that the 21km category was delayed due to the rain in the wee hours. Over the course, there are sufficient water points and there are no bottlenecks. I had a good run, but my Garmin watch registered 10.49km when I ended my run. Well, I guess running a little bit more doesn't kill me though as I am preparing for my Newton Challenge coming up on 29 October 2017. Anyway, I ended the run within an hour and managed to maintain my record. Hahas.

Credits to Runningshots!

Finisher for the run are rewarded with banana, drinks, good quality towel and a finisher medal! If you are a 21km runner, you will also get a finisher tee. I enjoyed my run and contented with the goodies from the organiser. I really think the towel is a bonus because I can use it for run and gym.

This year's result

My finisher medal

The towel which was given at the end of the race

Overall, it's a run which is pretty not bad for the price and quality. I think I might wanted to continue with the franchise in the next few years. I have come to the end of this short review post. I hope my run experience will help you to decide on whether to join the race next year. Cheers! And see you guys in the next post!

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Sunday, October 08, 2017
Japanese that Japanese doesn't know (2010)

Japanese that Japanese doesn't know (日本人の知らない日本語) is a 2010 drama that was aired on YTV by Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation in Japan. The drama has 12 episodes and each run for about 30 minutes long. It's a really interesting drama that is also partly based on the comic 日本人の知らない日本語 by Hebizo-sensei (蛇蔵先生).

The current comic by Hebizo-sensei

I spend about 2 ~ 3 days to complete the drama and it was a really nice drama. To me, it's a bit like GTO but slightly different due to that it's coming for a foreigner perspective. I really like the animation they put inside the show which make it much pleasant to watch. The drama also have Japanese subtitles which make you catch what the actors are saying easier too.

I definitely recommend the show to my Japanese learner readers and I really hope they would do a second season but it's near to impossible, I believed. Anyway, the main lead, Haruko-sensei (ハルコ先生) played by Naka Riisa (仲里依紗) is really cute and she is of the same age as me. Hahas.

For the synopsis of the drama, I will briefly share here. Haruko is a young graduate whom aspire to teach middle school students however, she was introduced by her mentor to teach at a Japanese language school. Through her teaching, she learned a lot of things from her foreign students and her students also learned many things about Japan too. Due to the exciting journey, she continues to teach at the language school.

Screen grab from the show

The theme song for the drama is also not bad, it's by Ghostnote (ゴーストノート). Sadly, I believed they have stop making music since then...there are no updates on Wikipedia about them.

僕君ビリーバー - ゴーストノート

Overall, good drama! I love the actors, the music and the plot too! I hope you guys would like it too. Okay, I guess I have finished wrapping up my thoughts on the drama in this post. Do sure to be back for another weekly update!!

Check out their official website at the below link, really interesting!!

Story Closed on 08.10.2017.

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