Friday, November 16, 2018
Tateishi (2017)

Evening peeps! It's Friday! I am back for another weekly update. I am so sorry for not updating my blog frequently these days. Anyway, in this short travel post, I will be blogging about my last visit to Tateishi, Tokyo. This is my second time staying with my Airbnb host. Tateishi is one of the nearest district to Narita airport. I had a pleasant stay with my host and they treated me really well.

I will be flying to Japan for my annual trip tomorrow and I am really looking forward to meeting them again. Tateishi has many amenities nearby including cafes, restaurants and even a supermarket. This is where I usually like to hang out after a long day in the city. One of my fave cafes in Japan is none other than St. Marc Café, they have nice coffee and dessert. Even during cold weather, I wouldn't mind eating their ice cream. Hahas.

Matsuya! One of my must-eat gyu don places whenever I return back to Japan

A nice cup of coffee to end my evening.

Other than that, the district also housed one of the prettiest and peaceful view of the Tokyo skyline. Just few minutes walk from my Airbnb host's home, you can catch this view of Tokyo Skytree from afar.

One of my fave night views in Tokyo.

Can-Do 100 Yen shop

Ito Yokado Supermarket

I think Tateishi is a pretty convenient district to the Airport and the city. It only take you about 20 mins or so to reach Asakusa and a little bit longer to Ueno. If you are coming to Japan and visiting Tokyo soon, why not choose a place nearby Tateishi to stay? Hahas. I am not helping my host to boost their home but well, it's a nice place to stay in general.

Okay, I have come to the end of this short travel post. I hope you guys like this post and help to share with your friends if you find this useful.

Click below to read about my last visit to Tateishi!

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Sunday, October 28, 2018
Sabar, Japan Food Town

Evening peeps, it's Sunday. I am back for another quick weekly update. Anyway, in this post, I will sharing about my visit to Sabar, Japan Food Town. It's been a while since my last visit to Japan Food Town. If you have no idea, Japan Food Town is one of the newest Japanese food spots in Orchard and located in Wisma shopping centre. Here, housed a number of Japanese restaurants and Sabar is one of them.

Sabar is famous for its Aomori seafood. As the name suggested, Sabar is a type of fish and thus, its signature dish is none other than its Sabar grilled fish. I visited the restaurant on their Sabar's Day which falls on every 13th of each month. On this day, their signature dish goes on 50% discount which is really worth it! (お得!) Hahas. I met up with Sayana and she treated me to dinner as a gesture to celebrate my graduation last Wednesday. I was really glad that I met Sayana. She was a really good Japanese friend of mine. :D

The internal of the restaurant

We ordered the poached egg with potato salad too. It was a decent side dish. I was surprised when Sayana told me eggs in Japan were white in color. I always though eggs were in brown or peach color. Well, I guess I will head to Japanese's supermarket more often to see it for myself. Hahas. Anyway, during our visit, there are so many people and it was really crowded as everyone came for the 50% promotion. Other than their grilled fish set, their seafood don was really attractive too as the price goes under S$20!

Our first drink for the evening

Really cute chopstick with Sabar's imprint on it.

Really tasty potato salad

My dinner is here! Signature grilled Sabar!

Very cute canned foods. In Japanese, we say "Kan-tsu-me" (缶詰).

After dinner, I met Bill and we had a long chat at Japan Bar which is right beside Sabar. Do you know you can order foods from Sabar when you are at Japan Bar? I learnt something new. I bid goodbye to Sayana and Bill at around 2300 hrs and headed home after that. I enjoyed myself and glad we met up! Anyway, I have come to the end of this brief food review post. I hope you guys gained another nice food spot on your weekend list. See you guys soon!

Thanks, Sayana, Bill! Till we meet again! :D

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