Sunday, May 20, 2018
Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory

Evening peeps, it’s Sunday again and I believed it’s been a while since I updated my blog. So sorry for the delay. In this post, I will be blogging about one of the latest Japanese confectionary that opened its door on our shore, the Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory.

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory is one the newest Japanese confectionary shop that found it way to Singapore. This shop offers cookies that you would buy for your friends as Omiyage from Japan. They have 3 standard cookies which are Salt & Camembert (France), Honey & Gorgonzola and Porcini & Gouda (Italy). Each has its different pricing though and the most popular one is the Salt & Camembert cookie. Selling at $12.80/10 pcs and $24.00/20 pcs, I believed it’s affordable but not something you will buy every week. Maybe once in a month? Hahas.

Boxes of Salt & Camembert cookies

Other than their popular cookies, they also sell cheesecakes like the Letao ones (Maybe I should do a post for Letao next time?). The signature Milk Cheesecake is selling at $29.50, 50 cents cheaper than Letao’s. I didn’t tried theirs before, so I cannot comment much but Letao one is really tasty. Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory also sell the Matcha flavoured one at $33.00. Each of their cheesecakes are about 12 cm in diameter, quite small in fact. But I believed it can be shared by 6 – 8 persons?

Milk Cheesecake

Another product which differentiate them from Letao is their Strawberry Swiss Roll, selling at $24.00, it looks pleasing to eat and I believed it’s affordable. About 11 cm long, it could be shared among 5 person or more.

Strawberry Swiss Roll on the left

Decoration like Letao’s

Big tins of milk?

The last products which I wanted to share is their soft serve line! It’s probably one of the tastiest soft serve I ever eaten in my life! The rich milk and cheese cake topped on top of it, omg! I can’t stop drooling. Hahas. Cow Cow Sundae is their most recommended of the soft serve line. Selling at $8.50/cup, it has 1 x milk cheesecake and 1 x Salt & Camembert cookie topped on top of it. Probably one of the most worth it dessert after dinner? I personally think it’s really tasty and one should try at least once!

The Soft Serve’s menu

My dessert for the day

I have come to the end of this pretty long post. I hope this post give you some useful insights on what this shop is selling. Once again, I am so sorry for the delay in putting up a new post. The next post will be on Sundown Marathon 2018 and I will be starting to blog about my last summer trip to Tokyo in August! So do watch out for it! Cheers and see you guys soon!

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory
Raffles City #B1-73 (252 North Bridge Road #B1-73 Singapore 179103)
Opens daily: 1100 hrs to 2130 hrs

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Saturday, April 28, 2018
One Piece Pop-Up Store 2018

Evening peeps, it's Saturday. I am back for another weekly update. It's a bit earlier but I am afraid my laptop would fail me again tomorrow so I decided to finish up all my social updates tonight! Hahas. Anyway, 2 weeks ago, I headed down to 313 to visit the One Piece pop-up store. Apparently, it's really a small pop-up store and it was only up for 2 weekends. It's really very short in my opinion.

You have to queue up to enter the store and get a 'passcode' from the staffs. Inside the store, you are to walk clockwise like everyone do? I not sure am I the only one whom encounter that though. Hahas. So I took a walk around the store to check out the goods available. There are a lot goods that are exclusive to certain countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea. But personally, I felt that the prices were marked up too much. It's like at least $15.00 for every merchandise. I feel that the organiser should try to absorb some of the costs as One Piece goods in other countries don't cost that much.

Queuing up

The store as a whole

Korea's Exclusive - Chopper Plushie

Luffy Pouch (S$45.00)


Taiwan's Exclusive - Marines Warship

Tsum Tsum's kind of plushie (S$15.00)

Is it overhyped? I guess so. The pop-up store has nothing exclusive to Singapore, I believed or I missed it? But certainly, the prices really put fans off. Many frequent Japan travellers like me would rather spend money at Japan. My last One Piece merchandise was a plastic folder at One Piece Tokyo Tower, it cost me ¥460 (approx. S$5.60). After seeing the prices at the pop-up store, I probably would like to check them out again this November. Hahas.

Selfies to end my visit

The folder which I bought at Tokyo

In conclusion, it's a good effort by the organisers to put up the store and engage fans on their Facebook page but the downside is that the goods are too expensive to many of us. I believed if the prices were to drop to S$10.00 on average, the store will be much successful. I visited them on the last Saturday of the event and there are still many goods left. I have to the end of this short post, I hope you guys enjoyed reading it and gain some rough insights for future One Piece events.

My vlog on the visit

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