Tuesday, January 16, 2018
J Pop with Cash Studios

Evening peeps, it's Tuesday! Sorry for the delay, I am back another weekly update. In this post, I will be sharing about my visits to Cash Studios @ Cuppage. I have been to the KTV for several times and I think it's time to share this spot with all my Japanese friends and J Pop lovers like me.

Shop front

Cash Studios @ Cuppage offers 2 systems separately, one is the default K system and another is the Joysound system which the KTVs in Japan is using. The Joysound system offers the same variety of songs as Japan whereas the default system doesn't offers. As such, the surcharge for using the system is S$25.00 in total (Less the service charge and misc fees). A group of 5 usually pays around S$30.00 per person. All the slots are in 3-hour duration so, an hour cost about S$10.00. That sounds pretty okay, right?

The Live Dam system

The controller

Compared to our mainstream KTVs such as Manekineko and Teo Heng, Cash Studios's Joysound system is definitely much outstanding due to they have the same system as the Japan ones. There are many Japanese whom are living or staying in Singapore that patronise the Cash Studios outlet. So far, I think only their cuppage outlet offer the system.

Monitor and display screen

My friends and I had fun at the KTV as always as we are really spoilt for choices. There are so many songs we wanted to sing, hahas. Like Teo Heng, Cash Studio allows its customers to bring in their own foods and drinks but remember to clear up after your session. Service-wise, the staffs were responsive and helpful. I am contented with their services.

A group photo to end our visit! (Note the room size, quite spacious, eh? Hahas.)

Overall, I think Cash Studios is a great place to visit if you crave to sing Japanese songs else, Teo Heng or Manekineko will be a better choice. Note: Saturday are usually very popular among customers so remember to call in to reserve your slot if you are coming on weekends. I hope this short post is informative and help you to plan your visit. See you guys in the next post! Cheers!

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Sunday, January 07, 2018
Dinner at Ginza Bairin

Evening peeps! It's Sunday and I am back for another weekly post. In this post, I will be sharing about my visits to Ginza Bairin (銀座梅林). I have been to the restaurant for about 3 times now and I guess I will be visiting them much often this year? Hahas. Anyway, Ginza Bairin is a Japanese Katsu Cuisine restaurant. They specialised in Chicken/Pork katsu and probably one of the well-known ones in Singapore.

Shop Front

Located in the basement level of Orchard Ion, it's hard to miss this restaurant. The signature dishes is their Pork Katsu (豚カツ) and Chicken Katsu (チキンカツ). The restaurant also have the Chicken/Pork Katsu sandwiches which provide conveniences to customers whom just wanted to grab something for breakfast/lunch. The average price of their menu is around S$15.00 which includes miso soup and warm green tea.

Curry Chicken Katsu Set Meal

Oyako Don Set Meal

I like their Oyako don (親子丼) and Curry Chicken Katsu Rice (カレーチキンカツライス). Both of the dishes come with miso soup, drinks are not included. However, you can order them separately which I always did. The restaurant used Ito-en (伊籐園) tea bags for their green tea. Personally, I love Ito-en! Hahas.

Service-wise, the staffs were friendly and helpful. I enjoyed myself during all my visits so far. Now if you have a J-Passport account, you can dine at Ginza Bairin and earn points. Every S$5.00 spent, 1 point is credited to your account. Accumulate your points and enjoy VIP benefits.

Inside the restaurant

Ginza Bairin @ Orchard Ion
2 Orchard Turn, #B4-39/40/41/42 ION Orchard, B4-39/40/41/42, Singapore 238801
Open daily: 1100 hrs ~ 2200 hrs

I have come to the end of this short post. I hope what I have shared here is useful to you and that it helps you to decide what to eat on weekends when you head down to Orchard Road. Alright, thanks for dropping by and be sure to come back next week for another weekly update! Cheers!

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