Monday, December 11, 2017
Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2017

Evening peeps! It's Monday. Sorry that I didn't had time to put up a new post yesterday. I was rushing some stuffs like posting my videos on Youtube and editing photos. Anyway, in today's post, I will be sharing my experience running the 21km category of the recent Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon held on 3 Dec 2017 (Sunday) at Orchard Road. The registration fees was 15% off for Standard Chartered bank members so I managed to get my friend to help me sign up for it. I spent about S$65.00 on it.

The race pack expo and collection day was really good. I need not queue for long to retrieve my goodies bag. In the bag, we are given gummies bears, coffee sachets, some brochures, the race bib and the Under Armour running tee. The backpack that comes with them had the same material as the drawstring bags from previous years. Not sure it is lasting not but seems fragile...Anyway, I also bought a 21.1km participant tee at the expo. Apparently, it's free for everyone to buy but because I took part in the 21.1km category and there is no finisher tee given at the end of the race so, why not I buy one for myself? The tee cost me S$17.00.

Various photos taken at the collection expo

My race pack and the participant tee!

Continuing further on the expo days, there are many exhibitors and I nearly spend 30 minutes all together for the collection if you consider taking photos and shopping. Hahas. This year collection expo was held at Marina Bay Sands's conventional hall. Venue wise, not very MRT friendly to people staying on the East-West Line nor the North-South Line as we all have to transit to the circle line or downtown line to get to Marina Bay Sands but okay lah, overall it's a good experience.

The race day was overall good however the delay on depositing of my baggage causes me to miss the first flag-off of the 42km, 21km race. I queued for about 45 mins ~ an hour just to deposit my bag before I am ready to set out for my run. The sufficient water points and support from staffs made up for that though, I had a good run afterall. I crossed the 21.1km mark at 2 hours 15 mins however, the race did not stop at that mark but instead, 22km++. So the official timing turns out to be 2 hours and 23 mins. Still, I guess it's a not bad result since it's my 3rd half marathon for the year.

Credits to Runsociety!

My race result

Half marathon finishers are entitled to drinks, bananas, apples, cold towel and a finisher medal. After the race, I went to rest and wash up at Esplanade before meeting up with Sherry and Angeline for brunch. In conclusion, the race was overall a good one and many will not mind joining again next year. I will link the previous race's experience below!

The finisher medal

Met up with Sherry!

Brunch with Sherry and Angeline @ Fynn's

Click the below link to read about my race experience with the franchise in 2014.

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Sunday, December 03, 2017
Mumon (2017)

Evening peeps! It's been a really long time since my last post. I am so sorry for the delay on this. Oops. Last week, I was in Japan and couldn't take video of my braces update. That, I will do it by tomorrow. Anyway, during my trip to Japan, I watched Mumon (2017), one of the hit Japanese blockbusters recently. The main lead was casted by Arashi member, Ohno. He is really a funny guy in the movie. I really enjoyed it.

The movie started with Ohno helping one of the ninja tribes to win a war. In the show, Ohno played as Mumon. Mumon is one of the greatest ninjas in the movie. He is fast and can attack well thus he is also sought to help in the war against the landlord at the end of the movie. Mumon has a pretty girlfriend/wife at home whom always order him around though. Through her, Mumon find his way to think emotionally and places lives as an important thing in his life. Overall, the movie is really a good watch and I am glad that I have watched it on the plane.

Screen grabs from the movie

Following is the official summary from IMDB, "What is the only thing that can stand in the way of a ruthless warlord after total domination of a country? Ninjas. When ninja Mumon kills another fierce ninja in order to claim a reward the repercussions are severe and involve the advancing army and the band of stealth fighters. Politics, warfare and sinister plots intertwine."

Official movie trailer

I hope my review for this movie will help you on whether to watch this movie the next time, you fly with Singapore Airlines. I have come to the end of this short post. Please come back soon as I am posting about my experience at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2017. See you all soon!

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