Monday, April 23, 2018

Evening peeps, it’s Monday and I am back for another weekly update. It’s been 2 weeks, I guess? Sorry as my laptop was down the past 4 days and I couldn’t do anything. Anyway, in this short post, I will be sharing about my trip to Sapporo last summer.

Sapporo has many things to look forward to, Shiroi Koibito factory, the famous Sapporo clock tower, the Sapporo beer factory and so forth. Sapporo city is just an hour away from New Chitose airport. Many international flights will stop at Chitose so Sapporo is definitely a must-go city in Hokkaido.

Sapporo central housed many departmental stores and the famous fox street (Name of the Shotengai (shopping arcade)). Just nearby the city centre is the Seafood market that rival Tokyo’s Tsukiji. Here, you can get fresh seafood and dried ones like scallops and stuffs. Not cheap for tourists like me but the price will be cheaper than in Singapore for the same items.

The shopping arcade

As I dropped by during the evening, most of the stores are already closed except restaurants. I dined at this recommended restaurant called Ohiso (大磯). This restaurant was in the top 10 list on Tabelog (タベログ) a popular Japanese food site similar to our hungrygowhere. I had the salmon and crab don which cost me 3,000 yen (approx. S$38). The crab meat is from the Hokkaido crab which you guys would see in travel shows and stuffs. I had a really good meal there, the ambience was quiet probably it’s a weekday? Many local celebrities also visited the restaurant, autographs were all over the shelves and I felt it was really worth it.

Nijou Ichiba (二条市場)

Passed by this store that was about to close

The restaurant front

My dinner at Ohiso

北海道 札幌市中央区 南3条東2丁目 二条市場角地

Open daily
Mondays ~ Saturdays: 0700 hrs - 2200 hrs
Sundays: 0700 hrs - 1700 hrs

I would also like to recommend you guys to one of my fave ramen restaurant in Sapporo, Sumire! This is an extremely popular ramen restaurant in Hokkaido. If you didn't come to try them, you can say that you have never fully explored Hokkaido. Even the popular Youtuber, Hikakin also visited the restaurant just last year! I waited for about 15 mins for my turn, but the order was processed promptly. I didn't waited long for my ramen after I was seated. The miso ramen was really delicious! I didn't regretted at all. Hahas.

The ramen frontage

Waiting for my turn while looking at these autographs by popular people

My ramen is served!

Sumire Ramen (すみれ ラーメン)
中央区南3条西3丁目9-2 ピクシスビル 2F

Open daily
Mondays ~ Saturdays: 1700 hrs - 0300 hrs
Sundays: 1700 hrs - 2400 hrs

At the city center, housed the ever popular Sapporo Clock Tower. This is about 5 mins - 10 mins walk from JR Sapporo station.

The clock tower at night

Sapporo Clock Tower (札幌市時計台)

I visited the Shiroi Koibito park during my visit to Sapporo. It was great, I must say. I totally enjoyed my visit and you can read about it through the URL I attached below.

Shiroi Koibito Park

Shiroi Koibito Park (白い恋人パーク)
Open daily: 0900 hrs - 1800 hrs (Last entry at 1700 hrs)

Another nice park to visit is the Moerenuma Park (モレエ沼公園). There are no entrance fees to the park but accessing the park will be a bit difficult as there were only like 1 – 2 buses that go to the park. The reason which I wanted to go to the park is the glass house/museum. The glass panel looks like The Louvre in Paris, no? Lols.

The glass house

From another angle

Dancing fountain at the park

I have come to the end of this short travel post. Overall, I hope this post will be useful to you guys. Do come back soon, I will try to do another update soon! Cheers!

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Monday, April 09, 2018
2XU Compression Run 2018

Afternoon peeps, it's Monday! Sorry for the delay in updating my blog. In this short post, I will be posting about my experience taking part in this year's 2XU compression run. This year, I took part in the 21 km category. The race pack collection weekend is 2 weeks before the race week as usual. Overseas runners must take note of this! Unless you stay only in Batam or Johor, it would be a hassle for you to travel up and down.

In this year's race pack, runner get a 2XU running singlet, 2XU recyclable bag (The one that packed everything in it) and some sponsored items such as sample for facial wash, sample for Acti-Tape and so forth. As I am a loyal runner, my registration fee was under S$60 for the 21 km category.

This Year's Race Pack

The run was held at the Singapore F1 Pit as usual. Staffs were friendly and the race carnival area was filled with spaces for runners to hang around after the race. A lot of baggage points as usual, very fast and good management. The Pocari Sweat booths were really useful for many runners! Hydration is an important part for many runners, I believed.

Finishers are treated with bananas, Pocari Sweat and wet towel after crossing the finishing line. All finishers from all categories will be awarded with medals from their category. For 21 km category runners, we get an additional 2XU finisher tee! My run was a pleasant one, but this year, I find the water points a bit out of place. Nevertheless, it's still a very well organised race.

This Year's Finisher Medal

Flex and me taking a finisher photo! Flex is a seasoned runner, fyi!

Many photo booths this year!

Breakfast with Flex after the run! Nasi Lemak! Hahas.

2XU Compression Run series was fronted by the people behind Pink Apple, one of the top race organisers in Singapore. Runners like me would know that there are only 2 major players, Hivelocity and Pink Apple currently in Singapore. Races organised so far are really prestige and well-known to the running community. 2XU Compression Run is a staple for Pink Apple, I hope they would continue the effort!

Anyway, this is the first time for 2XU as usually I only take part in the 10 km category and push my 21 km for Sundown. This year, I made the switch. Well, I will still be blogging about my Sundown experience in May, so do watch out for it! I have come to the end of this short review post. If you would like to read about my experience for 2017 edition, please click the link attached below!

Click below to read about my previous run with 2XU Compression Run!

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