Sunday, September 23, 2018
Shibuya (2017)

Afternoon peeps! It's Sunday again. I am back to do a weekly update. I am so sorry for the delay in putting up posts these days. Anyway, in this short travel post, I will be sharing about my visit to Shibuya last summer. It's been a while, I believed?

Shibuya is famous for its gigantic crossing junction, the hachiko statue and its shopping streets and malls. Shibuya is also seen in many anime, drama and movies which make it one of the most visited tourist spots. This time round, I also didn't had time to visit the Hachiko Statue. I hope I can pay a visit this coming trip or something. Anyway, my Shibuya trip started with the search for my BEAMS x HERSCHEL daypack as I cannot find it at the Harajuku outlet.

To get to the BEAMS's Shibuya outlet is pretty challenging as I didn't planned this in my itinerary and I have navigate myself to the shop by using the map on the business card given to me by the Harajuku's outlet staff. But will, I am glad I found the shop eventually. The shop is having summer sales and there are a lot of people but I am lucky to catch hold of the daypack I wanted.

Beams @ Shibuya

Along the way, I also passed by the Japan's Ikea, Nitori (ニトリ). It was probably one of the must-go(s) mall which have about 5 floors of furniture display and available for purchase. If I ever stay in Japan someday, this is where probably I would go check out. Why is it very similar to Ikea? It's because the price is quite competitive against Ikea's products.

I also went around the streets and malls to check out stuffs. Basically, Shibuya is really a big place. With its Disney Store and Japan's first Rakuten Café, it's no wonder it's one of the most visited places by tourists and the locals these days. I have come to the end of this short travel post on Shibuya. If you would like to read more about my previous visits, please click onto the link I attached below. Have a good day ahead!

Loft @ Shibuya

Main street of Shibuya

Another street shot

Disney Store @ Shibuya

Click on the link below to read about previous trip!

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Sunday, September 09, 2018
Tokyo Tower (2017)

Evening peeps, it's Sunday and I am back for another weekly update. So sorry for the delay in putting up a new post last week. Anyway, in this short travel post, I will be sharing about my visit to Tokyo Tower during my summer trip. It's been quite some time since I step foot into the tower. Basically, the souvenir stores and floor layout are pretty much similar to my previous visit in 2013. But this time round, they have the One Piece Tokyo Tower attraction which was probably set to be permanent for now.

Selfie with the Tower

Other than paying my tickets to visit the observatories, I also topped up more to enter the One Piece exhibition. One Piece has been one of my fave anime/manga since I enter polytechnic. Wow, now that I mentioned it, One Piece has accompanied me for almost 10 - 11 years now. Anyway, the tickets combo for both the observatories and One Piece exhibition cost 2,900円 (Approx. S$36.25). I think since I seldom visit Tokyo Tower and that it's a rare chance that I will ever visit an One Piece exhibition in Singapore so for that price, it's pretty worth it.

The pricing

The lifts serve between the ground floor and the observatories level and it only took about a minute to reach the observatories. That's really fast. There is a café at the observatory which you can dine at and take in the beautiful cityscape. Amenities such as restrooms and benches are also available. Here, you also be able to shop for some souvenirs too. After visiting the observatories, I went to the One Piece exhibition and took a bunch of photos. I was really glad that I went. There are so many to see!

Spotted Tokyo Skytree from afar


Detail board stating the location of Mt. Fuji, but totally cannot see that day

The actual view for the day

I have come to the end of this short travel post. If you like this post, do share with your friends! I also hope that you have enjoyed this piece and I will be back soon for another weekly update next week.

One Piece Exhibition

Selfie with the characters

One Piece themed souvenir store

Tokyo Tower (東京タワー)
東京都港区芝公園4丁目2-8 4丁目105-0011
Open Daily: 0900 hrs ~ 2200 hrs

Click below to read about my last visit to Tokyo Tower

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