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シンガポールの独立記念日は8月9日です。 今年の記念日パレードは『Marina Bay』で行われました。 パレードのプログラムはおもしろかったです。 毎年の主題は違います。 私が一番好きなのは花火のショーです。 今年の花火のショーはとても綺麗でした。



今年の主題は皆とシンガポールの達成を祝って、未来を信じて、難しくても皆と一緒にチャレンジを乗り越えることです。 パレードへ行きたくても、みんながチケットを手に入れられる訳ではありません。 チケットは無料ですから、主催者が制限しました。 でも、行けなくても、テレビでパレードを見られます。 英語や、中国語などで、放送を聞けます。 2年前から、ユーチューブでも見られるようになりました。 とても便利だと思います。



シンガポールの独立記念日は会社や、学校などはお休みです。 皆が色々な事をします。 例えば、 『East Coast Park』で自転車に乗ったり、『Marina Barrage』でピクニックをしたり、モールで映画を見たりします。 色々なことができます。 一番よかったのは、翌朝、寝坊できたことです。 シンガポールの旗の色は赤と白です。 たいていの人達はこの日に赤い服を着ます。 でも、これは強制ではなく、自由意志です。 おもしろい習慣だと思います。

今年はさやなさんと『D Good Cafe』へ朝御飯を食べに行きました。ご飯を食べ終わってから、『Sunday Folks』でアイスクリームを食べました。 楽しみました。 それから、家に帰って、ちょっと休憩して、また外で10キロを走りました。

『D Good Cafe』の可愛いマーライオンラテアート

『D Good Cafe』で朝御飯を食べました!

D Good Cafe
273 Holland Ave #02-01/02, Singapore 278992
営業時間: 1000 hrs ~ 2200 hrs (毎日)

『Sunday Folks』はとても人気なカフェです!

Sunday Folks
44 Jalan Merah Saga #01-52, Chip Bee Gardens, Singapore 278116

月曜日: 定休日
火曜日~木曜日: 1300 hrs ~ 2200 hrs
金曜日: 1300 hrs ~ 2300 hrs
土曜日: 1200 hrs ~ 2300 hrs
日曜日: 1200 hrs ~ 2200 hrs


今年の独立記念日はこのように過ごしました。 皆さんは休みの日になにをしましたか?

English version for this post will be up soon!! Stay tuned for it!

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Saturday, August 12, 2017
Nagoya Central

Evening peeps! It's Saturday! I am back for another weekly update. I am so sorry for being late once more. I was so busy these days with so many things on hand to do. Nevertheless, let's get back to today's topic! In this post, I will be sharing my visit to the main downtown of Nagoya where you can do your shopping and have good meals.

First stop, I wanted to recommend coming to the popular departmental store in Nagoya, Matsuzakaya (松坂屋). The reason I wanted to recommend this departmental store is because it has the most accessible or the only Pokemon Center in Nagoya! Calling all Pokemon fans, do not miss out here if you ever visit Nagoya. Other than Pokemon Center, the departmental store also has a Disney Store too. Like all departmental store in Japan, you can find delicious foods at the basement of the mall. The nearest station to Matsuzakaya is Yabacho station (矢場町駅).

Pokemon Center!

名古屋松坂屋(Matsuzakaya Nagoya)
Operation hours differ for every levels, check out them at the below URL!

During my trip, I also paid Skyle mall a visit because I wanted to shop at GU. In my opinion, this is one of the easiest GU outlets to spot in Nagoya central since you can see the brand's Logo right outside the Skyle mall. So if you guys also like GU apparel and wanted to shop at one of their outlets in Nagoya, why not drop by this one? Skyle is located right opposite another famous departmental store, Mitsukoshi (三越). I believed you guys won't miss it.


Next, I wanted to recommend going to the Central Park underground shopping street. Here, you can find nice and affordable foods. You also can walk to Nagoya Television tower, NHK office tower and Oasis 21 which is one of the top spots in Nagoya. I will be sharing more about them later on. Anyway, my visit to Central Park was to grab dinner. I settled for Katoreya (カトレア). Katoreya offers a variety of curry rice and it tasted not bad. I paired my dinner with a glass of orange juice. The bill came up to be slightly S$10 or less.

My dinner

After my dinner at Katorea, I visited the Nagoya Television Tower. The entry to the observation deck is ¥700. There is an outdoor deck which is a level above the indoor observation deck. From the tower, you can catch really nice night views of Nagoya city. You will also be able to catch view of the Nagoya castle from afar. I really enjoyed my stay here.

Inside the tower

The tower from afar

Nearby the tower is the popular Oasis 21 plaza which is one of the drop by spots if you ever visit the television tower. The plaza has a variety of stores and F&B outlets which you can dine at after your visit at Nagoya television tower. Particularly, if you are into anime and manga, you also can drop by the Jump store here. I believed it is one of the easily located outlets in Nagoya too. Other than the Jump store, there are also Starbucks, Mcdonalds', Matsumoto Kiyoshi here too.

Jump Store

Coming to Oasis 21, do not forget to pay the roof of the plaza a visit. It is really beautiful at night as you can catch the Nagoya Television Tower as the backdrop. Not to mention that this is one of the nicest places you can see the night view of Nagoya city (In my opinion)! Anyway, all these places are nearby one another so it's good if you can plan them together in your itinerary. The nearest station to both Central Park and Oasis 21 is the Sakae station (栄駅).

The view of Nagoya Television Tower from Oasis 21's roof

オアシス21(Oasis 21)
物販:1000 hrs ~ 2100 hrs
飲食:1000 hrs ~ 2200 hrs
サービス: 1000 hrs ~ 2000 hrs

Okay, I guess I have come to the end of this short post. I hope you guess enjoyed reading this post as a whole, it's been really a while since I blogged. I hope I have the time to update my blog again next week! So yeah, do keep a look out for my blog frequently. Thanks for reading and see you all again!~

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