Sunday, February 17, 2019
Akitsuki Castle Ruins

Evening peeps, it's Sunday and I am back for another weekly update. I am so sorry that there is no update last week as I am still in my CNY mood. Hahas. Anyway, in this short post, I will sharing about my trip to Akitsuki Castle Ruins (秋月城跡). It's my first time exploring the place and to be honest, it is not easy to navigate to the place. Luckily, my uncle and my auntie drove me and 2 more guests to the place.

The reason which I wanted to visit the place is because I came across the place's name during my research for the top autumn places in Fukuoka. Indeed, the place didn't disappoint me at all. My uncle, auntie and the guests are glad and enjoyed our stay here. There are several small shop houses across the viewing route. They are selling snacks, fruits and so forth. There are also the usual amenities around, restrooms, benches and rest spots are spotted around the attraction.

Yatai spotted (屋台を見つけた)

Another shop house

Fresh Mikan (新鮮な蜜柑)

The main attraction at the place is probably the main gate known as the Kuromon (黒門). If one ever visit the ruins, this is one of the spots which you shouldn't miss. We wandered the place for about an hour before driving to our next destination in the Saga prefecture. Before we left, we took a group photo. Hahas.

The Kuromon (黒門)

Me and Uncle Chikashi

If you would like to visit the place too, you can take a train from Tenjin station and alight at Amaki station (甘木駅). From there, you have to take a bus into the attraction. I have briefly ran through my trip here and I hope you guys had enjoyed reading this post. I will updating soon next week too, so please come back! :D

〒838-0011 福岡県朝倉市秋月野鳥

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Sunday, January 27, 2019
Canal City (2017)

Afternoon peeps! It's Sunday again. I am back for another weekly update. In this post, I will be sharing about my visit to Hakata's Canal City. This is one of the most popular spots in Fukuoka and right beside the mall, it's the famous Yatai street (屋台). Naturally, many tourists would flock here. Canal City housed most outlets of notable apparel brands such as Uniqlo, H&M and so forth.

The mall got popular due to its unique structure and water fountain shows. From time to time, there would be entertainment shows held in front of its fountains too. People can come here for shopping, have a good meal and watch these shows. One of the cafes here, Moomin Café is apparently quite popular among the locals and tourists. A simple meal cost around S$20.00 which I feel still much affordable than Character cafes in Singapore. One of the main reasons of the popularity is the Free Flow of breads and buns (パンの食べ放題). Came to Japan alone? Fear not, the staff would place a Moomin character plushie on your table to make you feel that you are not alone.

The café front



My lunch

Canal City housed one of the biggest Muji stores in Fukuoka. This Muji outlet has much extensive collections of furniture and housewares. Definitely, one of the must-see stores in Canal City. Other than Muji, notable Disney store can also be found here. It housed most Disney goods and great place to shop gifts for your kids and girlfriends.


Disney Store

Taito Station

Jump Shop

I feel Canal City is one of the malls which one shouldn't miss if ever visit Fukuoka or Kyushu. That sum up my recent trip to Canal City, I very much enjoyed myself. I will be back this coming November and will return to Moomin café for a nice meal. Hahas. Thanks for reading this post, be sure to be back for another travelogue!

Canal City

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