Sunday, March 18, 2018
Lake Toya

Evening peeps! It's Sunday! In this short travel post, I will be sharing about my visit to Lake Toya. It's where the volcano erupted years ago!

Lake Toya is one of popular tourist spots in Hokkaido which many tour groups will put inside their itineraries but if you are going free and easy, fear not, there is hourly buses from JR Toya station to the lake. But remember to plan your trip well to avoid missing trains or buses!

Selfie outside the station, lols.

To get to Lake Toya, you have to alight at JR Toya station and take a bus to the famous Toya onsen resort which is terminal stop of the bus. From the bus terminal, you may need to walk or hike up a distance to see the whole lake. I took about 2 hours to finish exploring the hill overseeing the lake.

View: Halfway up the route

Common flowers during Summer?

The crater which was formed after the eruption years ago

Abandoned factory? Creepy.

You can alight at the Volcano entrance stop(噴火口入口). Then, pay 1,000 yen to enter the carpark at the top of the hill. You will have to hike a distance up though. But the view is really nice and worth your money! After you descend from the hill, you can explore the site that was affected by the volcano eruption. The information centre is pretty quiet during my visit maybe it's weekday? Hahas.

Selfie with the view from the carpark

Another view from the carpark

View of another volcano from afar, Yoteisan (羊蹄山), left of the photo.

During my flight to Chitose, I also chanced upon Yoteisan from air!

The trip to Lake Toya from either Hakodate or Sapporo is about 1 hour plus since it's located in the center of both cities and it's covered under your JR Hokkaido Pass. Due to time limit, I didn't have time to explore the shore area of the lake. Apparently, there are nice photo spots there too.

I have roughly summarised my visit in this post, I hope my visit here can give you guys some insight on your upcoming Hokkaido trip. Do stay tuned for more weekly update on my travels to Japan last summer! See you guys then!

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Sunday, March 11, 2018
Shiroi Koibito Park

Evening peeps! It's Sunday, I am back for another weekly update! In this short travel post, I will be posting about my visit to Shiroi Koibito Park.

Shiroi Koibito Park (白い恋人パーク) is one of the most popular attractions in Sapporo. The park is free to access, the park also housed the main museum which entrance fees cost 600 yen. The nearest subway/train station to the park is Miyanosawa station (宮の沢駅). From there, it's about 6 - 7 minutes walk.

The park also housed a flower garden, chocolate museum, cafe, restaurant, souvenir stores and so forth. The highlight is of course the visit to the museum. The museum housed a number of exhibits on chocolates, history of Shiroi Koibito, the making of Shiroi Koibito and so forth. Visitor to the museum received a Shiroi Koibito passport (Museum Guide) and a freshly baked Shiroi Koibito.

Entrance to the park

My passport and shiroi koibito!

Must do selfie when one visit the museum!

View of the factory from the Museum

Mini Toy Museum here too!

One of the must try desserts here is none other than the Shiroi Koibito soft serve. There are 3 types available if I am correct, namely the vanilla, chocolate and mixed. Personally, I like the mixed version one because you get to taste 2 flavours. For the souvenirs, I think the Shiroi Koibito phone charm or magnet is really cute to have. The Shiroi Koibito, you can get at the Chitose Airport so don't need to get here, if not you will be carrying heavy things around. The park closes at 1800 hrs and note that the last entry to the museum is 1700 hrs.

The soft serve and the souvenir store

The park annex

Selfies like mad

Heck my gender already, these flowers are really pretty

The Shiroi Koibito Logo Spotted!

Shiroi Koibito Park

Overall, I really enjoyed myself during my visit. I hope you guys will too? Do remember to help me share my blog with your friends. I will be blogging more about my Hokkaido trip in the upcoming weeks, so be sure to drop again next week! Cheers!

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