Tuesday, June 12, 2018
Dinner at Saizeriya Singapore

Evening peeps! It's Tuesday, I am back for another weekly update. Sorry for the delay due to my preparation for my JLPT N3. Anyway, in this short post, I will be writing about visit to Saizeriya (サイゼリヤ). As you guys know it, Saizeriya has been in Singapore for a number of years now. The restaurant serve casual Italian meals and its affordable price tag really blow people away. I really enjoy their menu till today. Anyway, do you guys know that Saizeriya is actually very popular among Japanese? Saizeriya have over hundreds of outlets in Japan before it open its door in Singapore. If I am not wrong, its first outlet in Singapore is in Liang Court, where Mediya is located.

If you are on budget and wanted something that don't feel cheap, Saizeriya is definitely your choice. From its signature garden salad, popular pastas to affordable steaks and chicken chops, Saizeriya offered a wide range of menu for everyone. You also can top up $2.90 for its drink bar or #3.90 for its drink bar & mini salad combination. Even though without the drink bars option, there are free drinking water.

Pizza Menu (CAA 12 June 2018)

Pasta Menu (CAA 12 Jun 2018)

Today, there are many Saizeriya outlets in Singapore. At first, I feel that many people would feel that the restaurant is an expensive restaurant due to that it offers Western cuisine like Astons' today. In fact, they are even than Astons if you realise. I came to know Saizeriya during my poly days when Suyani (One of my poly cliques) recommended us to go try them out. Back then, there are only 1 or 2 outlets? I went to the Liang Court one.

A typical combination under S$10.00!

After which, I also visited the Saizeriya outlets in Japan during my travels. Indeed, they are also very cheap in Japan too and probably even cheaper than in Singapore. I have attached some of the photos of the Japanese Saizeriya below. Hopefully it helps you understand why Japanese also love this restaurant. I have come to the end of this short review post and I hope this short post will give your more choices to dine out next time! :D

One of the outlets in Osaka, Japan

Liang Court's Saizeriya Outlet

Click below to visit Saizeriya Singapore's webpage!

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Sunday, May 27, 2018
Sundown Marathon 2018

Evening peeps! It's Sunday and I am back another weekly update! In this short post, I will be sharing about my experience for this year's Sundown Marathon. This year's run was held on 19 May 2018 while half marathon and marathon category flagged off at midnight of 20 May 2018. That said, this year's run like the previous years, consisted of 4 categories namely, 5km, 10km, 21km and 42km. Not sure if I am correct or did I mentioned before...The longer the distance the higher the entry fees but this is because more roads have to be closed, more water points to be setup and so forth. This make sense for all the marathon event to cost so much. This is the 11th edition of the Sundown Marathon and the organiser really prepped well for this year's run compared to last year. I completed the race in an hour and a minute.

Anyway, this year I switched to join the 10km category instead. Usually, I would run 10km for 2XU Compression Run and 21km for Sundown, but I did the switch this year. However, I think I will stick to the 21km category for 2019. Maybe I did not had a really full experience running 10km? Hahas. Anyway, for 10km category, there aren't many photographers around so it's pretty sad that I did not had many photos taken that day. Due to some construction work that evening, the 10km runners have to run a newer route which adds 700m more to the race but well, it aren't any problems for frequent runners like me. It was also nice that the emcee/organisers informed the runners before flag off. At least, we can be prepared for it and pace ourselves better. Nevertheless, the 10km run was pretty smooth for the first wave and that there are sufficient water points for runners too.

I was blocked by some runners in front...

All runners whom completed the race are rewarded with cans of Pocari Sweat, bottles of mineral water, bananas and of course, finisher medals as a memento. It's been 6 years since I am with the Sundown franchise and over the years, I had many good experiences with the run. Being one of the most prestige runs in Singapore, this year's edition attracted 25,000 participants. This year race village are spotted with many partner booths from Pocari Sweat to food vendors. I am really glad that I am part of this event.

My finisher medal

The race village

I am happy with this Vivo backdrop!

This year's race pack collection unlike last year was so much smoother and faster, sheltered and so forth. Hivelocity really did well this year, I must say. All runners are entitled to a Compressport running singlet, a pretty drawstring bag, several sponsor vouchers, Run magazine and last but not least, if you signed up early, you also receive an additional "Sleep Can Wait" Compressport T-shirt. I am lucky that I joined under the corporate category this year and I only paid about S$46.00 for everything! It's really affordable! And I really like this year edition's drawstring bag. Runners whom finished the run and wanted to go home to rest but don't want to get Grab or cab as they are too expensive, the organisers hear you and have also partnered with Share Transport to cater buses for the finishers. Finishers need to only pay $6.00 and the bus will stop at the drop off point of the MRT station which are nearer to your house.

This year's goodies!

Overall, this year's run was well organised and the goodies for the runners are really what a marathon should have. I am glad that I didn't missed this year's run and I would join back the 21km next year onward! I can't wait for my 42km this year's end. Hopefully, I can finish the race under 7 hours as it's my first marathon! :D

That's pretty much about this short post, I hope my experience here will attract you to join me next year! Cheers!

Click on the below link to read about my last year's experience!

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