Sunday, January 13, 2019
ABC Cooking Studio, Singapore

Afternoon peeps! It’s Sunday, I am back for another weekly update and it’s my first post for 2019. It’s been 2 weeks since my last post. In today post, I will be sharing about my first baking class at ABC Cooking Studio, Singapore.

ABC Cooking Studio is one of the notable cooking schools in Japan. I chanced upon ABC Cooking Studio during my trip to Japan and learnt that they are very popular in Japan. The school expanded its reach in the Asian market recently and Singapore has currently 2 branches namely Ngee Ann City and Westgate.

Entrance/Front of the Westgate Studio

For beginner, I recommend joining their trial class at S$35.00 to get a feel of baking before signing on their packages. There are a lot of baking schools in Singapore and many classes are prices from S$100 and above. Thus, it’s expensive to go for a trial class. ABC Cooking Studio is offering such competitive rate and one whom loves to try out baking should maybe go try them out!

My first class was to bake bread. Unlike those you see in bakery, I am going to bake Inoshishi (イノシシ) shaped bread and the filling is curry tuna. Why Inoshishi? You may ask. It’s because I signed up for the Lunar New Year’s edition class and this year is the year of pig/boar. Every occasion, the cooking studio will introduce festive-related menu for beginners and members to attend.

Today's menu!

The baking area

But do note that the trial class is only for first timer and members. If you would like to attend the festival-menu class, you must be a member. Membership fee is $140 for lifetime. Currently, they are having a promotion, membership fee is 50% off if you sign up a package. The most popular package will be the baking lover which include 8 classes of bread baking and 6 classes of cake baking. OCBC card owner can enjoy monthly instalment at S$83.99. So, it’s no other good time to join? Hahas.

I attended the festive menu class with Yun Han, one of my close university friends. We had fun baking the bread and the instruction given was clear. Before the start of the lesson, we were given a briefing on the procedures and ingredients. It was a pleasant experience for both of us. As both of us are first timer in baking, we gained a lot of insights about baking after the lesson. Note: The lesson fee also include light drinks, locker rental, apron rental, ingredients for the lesson and of course the recipe!



Selfies with our bread

We really enjoyed our class and hope to be back soon for another festive menu class. I have come to the end of this post. It’s quite a long post, no? Hahas. Okay, I shall stop my words soon and remember to share this post with your friends and come back soon for more reads!

ABC Cooking Studio, Westgate
3 Gateway Drive, #03-01 Westgate Mall
Opens daily: 1000 hrs ~ 2200 hrs
(Reservation Required)

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Sunday, December 30, 2018
Hello 2019, Goodbye 2018!

Afternoon peeps! It's Sunday, I am back for another weekly update! This is going to be the last post for 2018, how far have we come? Hahas. Well, I shall do this post like the traditional way which I did previously. Gosh! 2018 has been a really busy year for me. Braces vlogs, shopping vlogs, travelogues, meetups and reviews on Japanese related suffs. Work and studies too. Without further ado, let's start reviewing and recap my year in 2018.

The year started with the annual in camp training where I met up with few good NS buddies and did our ATEC 1. This has been the most tiring in camp training so far and we were really glad that our company came in top in performance out of the battalion. We cooperated, take turns to rest and continued working on defence stores and preparation through out the outfield training. We were greeted by a beautiful sunrise on the last day of our mission. It was a wonderful in camp and highlight for January. After the ICT, it's the festive month, February again. This year's Chinese New year, I went back to Malaysia again to visit my grandpa and relatives. I had a great break before riding on the busy wagon and start working and studying for the upcoming months.

January & February

March is a long month and passed as a normal month for me. Then April is here! Spring is here, it's the opening of a new financial year! I got a pretty decent performance grading for my work and really grateful towards my bosses whom helped me to fight for my grading. I am just short of one more good grading to get a promotion, really finger crossed on this. Hopefully, I can share this piece of good news in next year's post. April is also the month where all the last lessons for my degree course ended. This month is also the month where I ran my first 21km for the year. This time round, with 2XU Compression Run. I was really happy with my result as it's been some time since I got a good timing for 21km. May came and it's exam time! Everyone studied hard for these exams and prayed hard to pass them. May is also the month where the annual Sundown marathon took place. This year, I only ran 10 km as I did the 21 km with 2XU Compression Run earlier. But was really regretful after that, I was feeling "Why did I ran in the 10 km category? I should had joined the 21 km one!". Anyway, I had already signed up for the 21km category for 2019 and am looking forward to it!

March to May

June is here! Wow, we have reached the halfway point for this post. I believed this year is the year where I met up with my ICT buddies the most. Hahas. We welcomed July next, this month has been one of the busiest months for the year too. A lot of meetups, birthday celebrations and so forth. Let the photo collage do its justice then...

June & July

August is another highlight month for the year. I had the chance to enjoy the NDP preview before the actual birthday of our country. I went with Wenya this time round. I was really glad that she agreed to go with me as I am finding people to join me but the tickets came too last minute, not a lot people are free to join me. We had a lot of fun at the show and grateful that I am finally able to watch the NDP live after so many years. My last NDP live as during my primary 5 year and that is part of the national education initiative. August is also the month which I ran in the annual Army Half Marathon, as usual, it's free for me. So, I participated in the 10km category. Hahas.


September came and I finally had the chance to meet up with Kahmun after months. We went to PS cafe to celebrate her birthday and we enjoyed chatting with one another. I really hope our friendship can go beyond years and years to come. This month is also Wenya's birthday month. My organisation cohesion also took place in September, yes, we had fun at Chinatown! Hahas.


October came and things start to get litte bit busy with work, prepping for annual exercise, returning and destroying of unwanted documents and so forth. October is usually the highlight month of the year as it is my birthday month. It's been almost 6 years since I travelled to Hong Kong and Macau. This year, I planned the trip for my family. According to itinerary, I really hope that my parents and sister had enjoyed it like I do. We bought a lot of souvenirs for my aunt and friends. Yes, the trip is also a trip to celebrate my birthday. Hahas. October is the month where I had my university convocation and the start of my new course on mobile application development.


November is the most happiest month for me, at least. I finally went to Japan after 1 year. It's my annual trip and I pledged to visit Japan at least once a year to visit my friends. During this trip, I met up with most of my Japanese friends. It's great to see that they are doing well. I also bought many omiyage from Singapore. Christmas cookies, Starbuck mugs, Dean and Deluca bags and so much more. I hope they like it.


December is the another busy month for most people, I believed. It's the end of the year and people will be reviewing their year like I did here. Wrapping up the best manga, movies and so forth for the year. Youtube rewind and the list goes on. For me, it's all about catching up with friends, classmates, colleagues and so many people! Christmas present exchanges, gifts and so much more. December is also the month where the annual Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon took place. This year also mark the year where I ran my first marathon. As a runner, I am really glad that I took part in it. It was tiring, yes but very satisfying after the race. I believed to many of my runner friends, those whom followed me on Instagram, also felt the same way as me.


I had briefly covered my highlights for the year and hope that you enjoyed reading my blog so far. Have you enjoyed your 2018? I will continue to come out of good quality post on Japanese stuffs for you guys and so please continue to support me! If you like this post, please help me to share too! Hahas.


You can read about my last year post at the link below!

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