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Tokyo DisneySea
東京ディズニーシー : Tokyo Disneysea

Tokyo Disneysea is the only Disneysea in the world. The park entry fee cost about S$80 per adult. The signature character in this theme park is Duffy Bear, while Disneyland is more to Mickey Mouse and all the other classic Disney Characters. You can almost find every souvenir shops in Disneysea selling premiums and merchandise on Duffy Bear.

Photo with Duffy!

Duffy store!

The park is quite big and it will at least take you an hour or so to finish walking the park if you do not include the waiting time to the rides or shows. Disneysea houses several exciting attractions such as the Tower of Terror and Raging Spirits. The park also featured a number of family-oriented rides other than the 2 which I mentioned. The park is quite crowded during normal weekedays, especially during the summer season. If you are thinking the exciting rides, the average waiting time is close to 3 hours sometimes.

American Waterfront

The Sea Castle @ Mermaid Lagoon.

Toy Story Mania

Raging Spirits - Entrance

Foods in DisneySea are costly, so prepare a bigger wallet if you are thinking of having a good meal here. Nevertheless, there are still affordable meals at around S$10 available. There are few restaurants, cafes, popcorn vans, ice cream vans and drinks stations all around the park. For the popcorn vans, different themed area of the park carries different type of flavour. The most popular one is the curry flavoured...I believed, where you can only get at Arabian Coast.

Curry Popcorn, good to try and nice to eat!

Delicious Shrimp Bun from Seaside Snacks, Port Discovery.

During my stay, I had my dinner at Cape Cod Cook-Off which is located in American Waterfront. Cape Cod Cook-Off sells the normal fast foods like those in Burger King or similar. I spent about S$10 there and happy with my dinner. I ordered the chicken burger meal, the foods was tasty and nice. The fries were much nicer than those from fast foods too. There is live show available too, click this link to find out more! :)

The clock tower building is where Cape Cod Cook-Off is located.

Order counters.

Our dinner.

DisneySea unlike Disneyland, wrapped the night with a watershow instead of firework. The show was quite nice, my friend an I was late for it though. Overall, I really enjoyed my visit to DisneySea. The trip have been fruitful. I met up with my favourite Disney Character, Stitch! Also, I met Mickey Mouse and Duffy Bear too, they were all adorable.


Mickey and Stitch!!

In conclusion, Disneysea is one of nicest theme parks in Japan. I am disappointed that I did not get to ride any roller coaster due to the long waiting time. I just hope the next time when I visit the park again, I will get to ride them. As for souvenirs, I bought a key chain back and I got myself some medallion coins from the medal-printing machines.

The machines, similar to Hong Kong's Disneyland.

Nevertheless, coming to DisneySea is quite a long trip from central Tokyo such as Roppongi (六本木) and Shinjuku (新宿), each trip might take about 30 to 40 minutes depending on what transport you take. For my trip, of course, I took the train there. To get here, you can take the JR Yamanote train to Ebisu station, transfer over to Hibiya Metro train and alight at Hatchobori station (八丁堀駅). Then, transfer to Keiyo line (JR train) and alight at Maihama station (舞浜駅), from there then transfer over to the Disney Resort Line to reach DisneySea.

Inside the train embarking for DisneySea!

I have come to the end of this travel post, I hope you have enjoyed reading it and to some extent, you have gained some useful tips from it. Do drop by my blog again soon for my next travel post. Ciaos.

The Tokyo DisneySea is also featured on my fave Taiwanese food show, "食尚玩家". Also the video compilation of my trip!

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