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Tsukiji Market
築地市場 : Tsukiji Market

Tsukiji Market is one of the biggest markets in Tokyo, Japan. The market is open to the public during the morning auction, but there is a limit to how many people can visit per day. Normally, it's around 100 people per day.

The auction process is one of the interesting sights you might want to catch during your trip. However, my friend and I did not really go for the auction as it was too early. The morning auction starts as early as 4 AM (Japan timing) to around 6 AM or so. It would be too taxing on us if we were to go other places in Tokyo later in the day.

However, the market is open to public after the auction period too. You can visit the market to eat delicious and fresh seafood. For me, I went and had a light breakfast at one of the tamago stores. The tamago was delicious and tasty, there are many flavours available from the original to plum. I bought one small box back for lunch later. FYI, the store which I went is one of the famous ones. Even the Taiwanese travel show like "食尚玩家" and "爱玩客" also came here.

One of the stores selling seafood.

One of the lanes in the market.

The popular Tamago store

My Tamago Breakfast! Yummy!

The number of flavours available for sale!

Also featured on "食尚玩家" and "爱玩客" !

Tsukiji market offers more than just seafood, their tamago lane where all the tamago stores reside is also quite popular among the locals and tourists. If you don't dare to try the fresh and raw seafood, there are also cooked seafood around the market. Tamago is an alternative choice, there are also tempura and sushi stores too.

The Tamago Lane

The outer lane that lies few of the stores selling cooked foods.

After settling your stomach, be sure to shop around the market. You will probably find something you like. There are also some shops in the market selling ornaments and souvenirs too. To get to Tsukiji Market, the easiest way is to take the Yamanote JR train to Ebisu station, transfer over to the Hibiya Metro train and alight at Tsukiji station.

Packaged snacks that you can find in the market.

Transportation is convenient however, please note that the morning hours are quite crowded even for a normal weekday. Lastly, depends on which season you are visiting, summer time is the hottest season in Japan, please bring along a fan and drinking water if you are visiting. From my experience, it was really hot and I am sweating during my trip.

I have come to the end of this travel post, I hope that you have gained some insights on Tsukiji Market. Be sure to drop by again for more of my Japan travel posts. Ciaos.

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