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秋葉原 : Akihabara

Electronics, weird gadgets, anime, manga and maid cafes are all located here in Akihabara. This area of the Tokyo is definitely a paradise for otaku (オタク). The popular manga series One Piece (ワンピース) is one of the most seen here, second is Naruto. Of course, there are numerous other anime and manga characters you can find here. I love Bleach a lot but I can't seem to find them these days, most probably due to the stoppage of its anime show.

One Piece (ワンピース)'s figurine set!

However, the manga is still going on till today if I am correct. Nevertheless, it was my friend who introduced me to Bleach. Thanks to her that I am so addicted to anime today. Other than anime and manga characters, Akihabara is also a heaven to electronics lovers. From cameras to simple memory cards, you can find them all here. As for the price, I am not very sure of it but I think for their own brands like Toshiba, Canon and Nikon, it will cost lesser than in Singapore.

Putting electronics aside, there are also several interesting cafes in Akihabara. Maid cafes thrive here and there are probably 5 to 6 maid cafes in Akihabara. Otaku often patronise these cafes and one of the most popular ones is Home Cafe (ホームカフェ) where the cafe has 5 floors of seats. Another cafe that all Japanese youth would know of it the AKB48 Cafe. The cafe is quite well-known because that the cafe's focus is on the idol band AKB48. Not just guys who liked them, there are also girls who also like them too.

Home Cafe (ホームカフェ) @ Akihabara

AKB48 Cafe

Right beside the AKB48 Cafe is the Gundam Cafe which my friend and I went to. The cafe is Gundam themed where everything in the cafe is built to its anime and manga concept. I believed it was one of the interesting cafes in Tokyo, though I am not a Gundam fan, I do still love their robot figurines. We had lunch at the cafe and we spent around S$15 in total. It wasn't that expensive as in Tokyo, most of the cafes do not charge for their services. My friend and I ordered the same dish. We also ordered their ice tea to try out too. Unlike in Singapore, you have to mix the milk, creamer or syrup to the tea yourself here.

Gundam Cafe @ Akihabara

Menu poster outside the cafe.

Our drinks.

Our lunch! Yummy!

Nevertheless, the foods were tasty and nice. It's definitely worth the money and time to visit this cafe. Another thing that you cannot miss is to use their restroom. This may sound weird, but even their restroom is like a cubicle inside a space shuttle. There is a button on the wall where you can press and the mirror-light will animate once pressed. In my opinion, it was really cool. Overall, I really enjoyed my stay at the Gundam Cafe. You should come and experience it yourself too.

The cafe's interior

Taiwanese popular food show "食尚玩家" also came here too!

Wrapping up this travel post, Akihabara is totally a heaven for manga, anime and electronics junkies. Not just that, there are several maid cafes catered to the lonely souls. In conclusion, this is one place to visit if you got the time to take in the otaku culture of Tokyo. I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and gained some useful information on Akihabara. Do drop by soon for more travel posts. ;)

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