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銀座 : Ginza

Ginza is another shopping area in Tokyo. Ginza houses most of the designer brands in Tokyo. These brands include the mainstream ones such as LV, Gucci and Prada. You can also find other brands such as Emporio Armani and Burberry too. The shopping here cater more to high-income earning locals and visitors.

Gucci Flagship Store

Still, you are able to get affordable apparel here from the common brands like Zara, H&M and Uniqlo. Another brand that you can look forward to is Abercrombie and Fitch. Its only flagship store in Japan is located here in Ginza. The flagship store has 8 floors of apparel and the concept of the store is same as ours here located on Orchard Road. You will find one hot hunk at the first floor of the store taking photos with the customers. (Same as our Orchard's store) The clothes here aren't cheap, it cost almost same as our Singapore's store. So, I think the cheapest A&F clothes you can find are in their home country, USA.

Abercrombie and Fitch at Ginza

Some roads on the street of Ginza were closed on Sunday where the public can walk on the roads freely and you can see some cafes spreading their tables on the road too. This is something you cannot see in Singapore. Reason being that Singapore is small and roads are only closed for big events like marathons and F1 races.

Closed road on Ginza.

There are several high-tea cafes and restaurants set up around the Ginza area. One of the popular ones is the Gucci Cafe inside the Gucci flagship store. Built on the 4th floor of the store, the Gucci cafe serves a variety of desserts and foods. During my visit to Ginza, my friend and I visited the cafe to enjoy our afternoon tea. We ordered mint tea, tiramisu cake and one more dessert (I don't know what is it called anymore. Lols.). The service provided was really good thus, making my stay a pleasant one.

Gucci Cafe

Gucci's Menu

The Tiramisu Cake! Yummy!

My dessert, I don't know what is it called anymore...lols.

Me and my friend. Hahas...Nice tea break! :)

I spent about S$20 at the cafe, I think it's pretty worth it for its quality and ambience plus the brand itself really make it a cafe to visit when one visit Ginza. Other than Gucci Cafe (Designer Cafe), there is also an Emporio Armani Caffe at Shibuya which I did not went to. My friend and I were planning to visit the cafe for the next Tokyo trip. Anyway, our visit at Ginza is a short one. To get to Ginza, it's pretty much straight forward. From Shinjuku, take the Marunouchi metro train to Akasaka-mitsuke station. From there, transfer over to the Ginza metro train and alight at Ginza station, tadah!

Emporio Armani's Caffe (Pardon the quality of this photo)

I shall wrap up this travel post here. In conclusion, Ginza is one place to visit if you are looking for branded stuffs. If you are feeling rich and wanted to experience a high-tea session at some of the designer branded sotres, Ginza is also one great place for you too. I hope these information and insights are enough, do drop by my blog soon again for my next travel post. Ciaos.

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