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Mount Fuji 5th Station
富士山5合目 : Mount Fuji 5th Station

Mount Fuji (富士山) is located in between the Shizuoka (静岡) and Yamanashi (山梨) prefecture of Japan. It is one of Japan's "Three Holy Mountains" (三霊山) along with Mount Tate (立山) and Mount Haku (白山). Mount Fuji (富士山) was added to the World Heritage List as a Cultural Site on June 22nd, 2013. Anyway, Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan with its height at 3,776.24 metres. It is also one of the famous tourist attractions in Japan.

Fuji-Q from afar.

Mount Fuji 's Tourist Centre.

One of the map boards spotted at the tourist centre.

During my trip to Japan recently, my friend and I went for the tour to Mount Fuji. We were quite disappointed that we didn't get to view the beautiful mountain as the clouds were all hanging around the mountain area. I heard from the tour guide that it's not easy to see the mountain at most of the times. He said the best timing will be the winter season of Japan where you will be able see the snow-capped peak. Hmm...nevertheless, we still did enjoyed ourselves during the trip.

Mt. Fuji during Autumn

We took the tour bus up to the fifth station of the mountain. There is a huge store selling foods, drinks and souvenirs at the fifth station. Before we got down from the tour bus, one of the shop keeper gave us a bell ticket which you can use it to obtain a free lucky bell from the huge store. On the bell, it have this small sticker slip with words on it. These words after translation mean that "Wishing the Cultural Site , Mount Fuji on World heritage list to live long". Quite cool, no? Hahas. The souvenirs sold here include snacks, teas leaf and bags, magnets, postcards and so many others more.

The huge store

The bell ticket

Inside the packed store.

There is a post office in the huge store where you can get postcards and send from there to Singapore or other countries where you or your friends lived. The temperature from the bottom of the mountain to the 5th station dropped vastly. It feel like 15 degrees at the top of the mountain during the summer season of Japan. You will spot many active climbers starting their climb from here, as this is the common spot where people start their climbing journey to the top.

At the fifth station, you will also find a shrine beside the huge store. We did not have time to visit the shrine, so we only took some photos around the area. It was a fast-and-furious one as we are rushing for time. The shrine is called Komitake shrine (小御嶽神社). I hope I will be able to visit Mount Fuji again next time to see its magnificent view and have more time exploring the station area. This is pretty much a short post as I did not cover many areas at the station, hopefully you still get the rough idea of what is there.

Komitake shrine (小御嶽神社)

I have come to the end of this travel post. Do stay tune for the last travel post on my recent Japan trip. Hereby, I thank you guys for dropping by. Enjoy!

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