Sunday, March 30, 2014
Dinner at Wadori
Hellos, everyone! I am back again for another weekly update! I hope you guys had a great weekend, I shall briefly go through my week as usual! I did all my usual exercise routine, it was a nice one. Finally, I had started training for my Sundown 2014. On Friday, I did my first 13 KM run and I clocked it within an hour and 14 mins! It was a new record and I am pushing my limits during the run. I believed that there is no gain if there is no pain in the process, agree? Currently, I am going to maintain the distance of 13 KM till the time is nearer where I will be going for 16 KM etc;. I have to let my body and legs get used to the distance for now. And, work goes pretty much smoothly as usual.

I am officially a part-time student for 3 months starting next Sunday. I took up the time and effort gearing up for my Japanese lessons which will commerce next Sunday in the late afternoon. I tried my best to memorise as much hiragana characters as possible. There are 3 writing systems in the Japanese language, they are hiragana, katakana and kanji. To begin with, I believed that my first few lessons will be focusing on these 3 writing languages before learning Japanese grammer and vocabulary. Well, I hope things will go well with my lessons too.

I agreed, YOLO! Some things if you don't go try, you never wanted to try when you are old!

Yesterday, I went out for dinner alone. Yes, alone! I visited Wadori at Jurong Point and I ordered a few kushiyaki (串焼き) with rice. The rice was garnished with seaweed and it tasted really nice. The whole dinner cost me $8.40 (That includes a drink). Wadori serves a number of meat sticks. There are pork, fried ebi, yakitori (やきとり) and even gyoza too. Each stick cost about S$1.10 to $2. I am very contented with my dinner. In my opinion, it was affordable and the most important thing is that, the service and getting your foods is fast! There are no hidden charges too, thumbs up! I definitely recommend this to anyone who love Japanese foods.

Wadori, Jurong Point

A lot of kushiyaki!

My dinner of the evening

Wadori, Jurong Point
#B1-53, Jurong Point Shopping Centre, 1 Jurong West Central 2
Daily: 11:00 - 21:30

After my dinner, I went shopping!! I got myself some sweets and stationaries (For work and studies). Right after that, I went to Starbucks to mug for my Japanese lessons. I finally learnt and memorised most of the hiragana characters. But I still a lot of practices, I believed. I stayed till around 8:20 PM before leaving Starbucks to get some sushies and my first ever monthly planner at Artbox. I wrapped up my evening at home drafting 2 more blog posts. It was a well spent Saturday afterall, I believed? Initially, I was supposed to meet my mum to get some stuffs however, she went for her mahjong session with her kaki...Seriously?! Nevertheless, I still enjoyed my Saturday alone.

I have pretty much concluded my week here. I guess it's time to stop here? I hope that you guys had enjoyed reading this post and be sure to be back soon next week! Ciaos!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014
National Museum of Fine Arts

Good morning, readers! It's Tuesday! 3 more days to the weekend, hang in there, yea? Anyway, I am back here for another travel post! Feeling excited? Hahas, without further ado, let's start! In today's post, I will blog about my visit to Taichung's National Museum of Fine Arts. The arts museum is really big and also the management forbids photo-taking in the exhibition halls like most of the exhibitions you would expect in most museums.

The museum consists of an outdoor park with artistic sculptures and ornaments, an art library, a souvenir store, a pretty cafe and also a number of exhibition halls. Discover your creativeness and inspirations through visiting the museum! There are always new exhibitions for locals, visitors and tourists to explore every now and then. I estimated that each exhibition there will be held for few weeks to about 3 to 4 months. Alike to our local museums, they are have guides, brochures and friendly staffs to assist you around. Thumbs up for that!

One of the creative sculptures I found at the outdoor park! It spells my name's initial!

Consolidated photos of the outdoor park

One of the another creative shots of mine, taken inside the indoor museum

Preview of Joan Miro's Woman. Birds. Stars exhibition!

If you are an art lover, I believed this is one of the museums in Taiwan that you shouldn't miss. Other than just paintings, the museum also have craved sculptures and ornaments in their indoor museum. The museum also host various school tours for the local schools at times too. Hahas, you may see kids around then? In my opinion, the museum is one of the must-visit museums in Taiwan.

There is no entrance fees for the museum and thus, I think this is a great place for tourists on low budget. To see Taiwanese artistes works and art pieces, sometimes, you got to pay for it (the exhibition). But when it's free, I think it attracts more people to visit the museum, no? To get here from Taichung train station, navigate yourself to the bus stop (干城站) and take bus number 56. After which, alight from the bus at the museum bus stop (美術館(五權西路)). See below for the map!

Map which I drafted out using Google Map, hope it will help you! :)


Operation Hours
Tue-Fri - 09:00~17:00
Weekends - 09:00~18:00
(Closed on Mondays)

Google is your best friend, agree? Hahas. I have come to the end of this short travel post, I hope that you guys have enjoyed reading it. I will be giving you guys more and more interesting reads in the coming weeks and please do drop by to support, yea? Ciaos!

Story Closed on 25.03.14.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014
Din Tai Fung with Family
Good afternoon, peeps! It's Sunday again and yes, I am back for another weekly post! Wees!! Have you been enjoying your week? I hope my last 2 posts have make your week a little bit brighter. Anyway, this week, work went smoothly as usual and I have finally started training for my Sundown this May. I am going work hard for it to clock a timing below 3 and a half hour! Oh yea, no pain no gain, agree?

Yesterday, I went for dinner with my family at Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐), JEM. Initially, we thought that we have to wait for more than 30 mins for our turn to dine-in. But to my surprise, it was only a short 15-min wait! The previous time where I visited their 313 's outlet, it was a superb long wait. Nevertheless, the service was great and ambience was nice too. It's a pity that their popular appetizer (小菜) was sold out. Thanks to Eileen's recommendation...I wanted to try them every time I visit Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐).

Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐), JEM

Anyway, we had a great time at the restaurant. Our table is filled with delicious foods like fried rice, noodles and steamed buns. Other than ordering their popular appetizer (小菜), their Xiao Long Bao (小籠包) is also another must-try of the restaurant. This time round, we had 2 trays of it. We were so full after the meal. The total bill come up to around S$87++. In my opinion, it was a reasonable price-tag as we have 4 person dining in and each person pays around S$20++.

Alcohol-marinated Steamed Chicken Breast, yummy!

The usual, Bean Paste's buns (豆沙包)!

My sister's share, beef noodles!

Awesome and tasty fried rice!

Signature Xiao Long Bao! おいしい!!

Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐), Jem
50 Jurong Gateway Road #02-07
Singapore 608549

Operation Hours
Mon – Fri: 1100 HRS - 2200 HRS
Weekends & PH: 1000 HRS - 2200 HRS
Last order at 2130 HRS

After our dinner, we went shopping at Fairprice before we left for home. It was a wonderful evening spent, that's pretty much about my weekends. I have come to the end of this short weekly post, thanks for dropping by! Come back soon, yea? Ciaos!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in TOKYO
イタズラなKiss ~ Love in TOKYO

It's Wednesday and we are halfway to the weekend! Hang in there, yea? Anyway, I am back here to update you guys of another drama which I found really nice. It's the Japanese reboot of the notable "イタズラなKiss", this time round, the show is much lovable? I have watched the Taiwanese adaption, "惡作劇之吻" too but I found this one much better?

イタズラなKiss ~ Love in TOKYO 's Opening Theme Song

I have been posting one or two videos on the show on my facebook, I hope you guys have watched them. Currently, I have finished watching the season 1 of the show. I definitely recommend this reboot version one as the show took many nice setting of Tokyo. From the newest attraction Tokyo Skytree to its older brother, the Tokyo Tower. Also, the casts were great too. Believe it or not, the young-looking main cast Furukawa Yuki (古川雄輝) is already in his 27s! He played Irie Naoki in the show and his acting was good, I must say! Hahas.

The female lead (Aihara Kotoko) is played by Miki Honoka (未来穂香). She is a young actress and her performance in the show was good too. She is only in her 17s. Despite the 10-year gap between the 2 leads, they matched up one another real well. Other than the 2 main casts who hold up the show, there are also many nice supporting cast whom play vital roles in the show too. If you have watched the other adaption, you guys should know, yea?

Other support casts include Yamada Yuki (山田裕貴) who played the role of Ikezawa Kinnosuke, Tanaka Yoji (田中要次) who played the role of Kotoko's dad (Aihara Shigeki), Nishimura Tomomi (西村知美) who played the role of Naoki's mum (Irie Noriko), Imoaraizaka Kakaricho who played the role of Naoki's dad and Aihara's best friend (Irie Shigeo). There are also many other casts who I can't name them all here.

Screen grabs from the show

Following the manga and anime, this show is set for season 2 which we would probably see similar scenes from the Taiwanese adaption, "惡作劇2吻". The Japanese media is working hard to adapt more mangas into live-action shows and I hope this will continue on! As not many people read mangas these days, doing a show on the manga will make the viewers wanted to read the mangas itself too. Agree?

Naoki and Kotoko

Nevertheless, I have come to the end of this short post. I shall be back again for more updates in the days to come, do drop by soon! Ciaos.

Story Closed on 19.03.2014.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Cai Hong Juan Cun (Rainbow Village)

Following the trend of painting on walls and ground of old villages, the famous old uncle in Taichung has painted a lot of them in one of the old villages. The houses and ground of the village has been painted with colorful crayons, chalks and etc;. The village is actually quite big but recently, the government has took back part of it and thus, there were only a few blocks being preserved for tourists to explore.

The village is not difficult to locate and recently, the government has built a park beside the village to accommodate family with kids. The park has a playground facility and restrooms too. Now, it still attracts a lot of the locals and tourists too. In the village, there sits a small store selling merchandises of the rainbow village. From postcards to tees, they are all very beautiful art pieces of the remains of the village.

The Rainbow Village Park

Painted Rocking-Horse, thus, the year of the horse!

The small shop

To get here from the Taichung train station is easy, simply take bus 56 and alight at "岭东高中". Walk a distance and you will reach the village. See my map below to navigate yourself to the park. I have nothing much to blog about this place so I shall let the photos to speak for the places itself.

The map which I created through Google Maps! Hope that it will help you too!

Pretty painted "Transformer" helmets and ukulele!

Me with the beautiful painted wall of the village.

One of the pretty wall paintings I found!

Raven feeling emotional in this photo, hahas!

Caught sight of a solo artist singing and performing!


Also featured on "食尚玩家" and "自由脚步2"!

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Anyway, do not mix up this place with the one in Kaohsiung. The Kaohsiung's one has been demolished and I am so sad that I missed it. Nevertheless, both the villages are beautiful and they should be preserved. I have come to the end of this travel post, I hope you have enjoyed reading and seeing the photos I took. If you like the place, I think you guys should pay them a visit, no? Hahas. Ciaos!

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Sunday, March 16, 2014
Putien with Family
It's Sunday again! I am back here for another weekly post! Wees!!! This week is a superb short week for me as I only work for 2 days! Well, I just came back from my Taiwan trip on Tuesday. Normally, I would take an extra day off for the following day after I am back from holidays. I will try my best to publish all my travel posts soon so you guys can enjoy reading about my travel experience.

The last 2 working days went pretty smooth and I hope that things will continue that way. I have a ton of filing and content updating to do back at work, I just hope to wrap up them fast. My studies is going to commerce in 4-month time, I hope I am able to cope with it and still be able to do all my routine exercise sessions. I think I have to plan my schedule nicely before the school term start.

Putting my ranting aside, yesterday, I met up with my mum and sister for dinner at Putien (莆田), Jurong Point. It was a nice meal and we were all really full after the dinner. The service provided was great and the foods were served within 15 mins. We did not waited for a long period of time, I am happy with that. We ordered a table of dishes from steamed fish, braised pork ribs, vegetables and soup. The total bill came up to S$133~. In my opinion, the price is pretty steep. You can afford bringing your friends and family to here probably just once in a while? Nevertheless, we had a great time at the restaurant.

Putien, Jurong Point

Braised Pork Ribs

Mixed Vegetables Soup

Putien, Jurong Point
1 Jurong West Central 2, #02-34 JP1
Singapore 648886
Tel: (+65) 6795 2338

Operation Hours
Lunch: 11.30am-3pm Last order: 2.30pm
High-Tea: 2.30pm-5pm Last order: 4.30pm (Fri-Sun & PH)
Dinner: 5.30pm-10pm Last order: 9.30pm

After our dinner, we went to watch the latest animation film from Dreamworks Studios. Mr. Peabody and Sherman was one of funniest animation movies which I have watched this year. Mr. Peabody is actually a dog and it was a really smart dog with many skills and it was rich in knowledge too. He raised Sherman whom was a baby found abandoned on the street of New York city. Sherman grew up to be a clever and energetic kid. He also befriended Penny along the way. It was a nice film with a sweet ending where the duo were to save the day by plunging the wormhole to stop the disruption of history timeline (PS: Mr. Peabody owns a time-travel machine thus, it explains all?). Anyway, do go support the show if you are free this month to catch a movie.

Screen grabs from the movie

International Trailer for the movie

Following the end of the movie, we went back home to rest. That's pretty much about my weekend. I am now looking forward to my next adventure in December, Korea's trip. There are a few highlights which I will be bringing up in this blog. That includes the Zouk and Skechers's Electric Run Singapore and Sundown Marathon Singapore 2014! So, please do come back by then to check out them! For now, enjoy your Sunday and ciaos!

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Friday, March 14, 2014
Tung Hai University

Tung Hai University (東海大學) is one of the popular universities in Taichung. It doesn't just attract the locals and students to visit the university but also tourists and other Taiwanese media too. The university is really big and we got lost inside during our trip! So embarrassing, hahas. Nevertheless, we did managed to find our way back to the main gate.

The university housed a number of cafes, student hostels, classrooms, lecture halls, auditoriums and what you normally can find in a typical university. Like our local universities, they also have a nice library too. The university became famous due to many Taiwanese idol shows took the setting here and also they are featured on food shows "食尚玩家" and many other local news coverage.

As featured on "愛似百匯" and "食尚玩家"

The most visited in the campus by media and tourist is the Church, The Luce Chapel (路思義教堂). The Church is easily located at the heart of the university, by following the road signs and boards, it's hard to miss this Church.

The Luce Chapel (路思義教堂)'s Main Entrance

Typical signboard in the university

Other than taking photos with the nice and beautiful church, we also visited the daily products shop in the university. The shop (東海乳品小棧) is painted in white with black patches like those you would see on a cow. Again, with much research, you will be able to find the shop easily. In the store, they sells fresh milk, ice creams and frozen snacks such like gyoza etc;. The ice cream is one of the bestseller products in the shop, it was also featured on "食尚玩家" too.

Exterior of the shop

Popular Ice Cream Tub!

Visit their Facebook at!

The next stop here is to visit their daily farm. The university has a farm for cows and deers. Amazing, right? I only took photos of the cow farm though, so sorry eh. Hahas. It's a tiring walk but it's worth to stop by and take some nice photos since we are already there.

Big and strong cows! Moo!!

Tung Hai University is also a beautiful university with many scenic walkways and parks. I believed it would be pretty nice when one wanted peace while enjoying a wonderful day at a nice cafe. Partly because of these amenities which were opened to public, the university is becoming more and more popular with tourists, lovers and the locals. During my visit, I saw old aunties and uncles enjoying their breakfast at one of the cafes too.

Tung Hai Lake (東海湖)

Within the university's premises

Well, during my stay, I visited the Dante cafe. We had coffee and salad while we rested our feet. The service provided was nice and the foods were served quite fast too. I love the coffee especially when the weather was really cold that morning. The coffee tasted not too sweet or too bitter and the salad was tasty too. We spent around S$10 there. Raven and I stayed a while at the university before we left. Overall, I think it's one of the nicest universities in Taiwan and I would definitely recommend a half-day tour or a morning tour to the university if you are visiting Taichung some day.

Warm coffee to brighten our morning!

Tasty salad to add on to the morning's meal!

I have finally come to the end of this travel post. I hope that you guys have enjoyed reading it and that you have gained some nice insights and ideas for your upcoming trip to Taichung too. Nonetheless, thanks for reading and dropping by! :)

Story Closed on 14.03.2014.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014
Feng Jia Night Market (2014)

Good day, people! I am here to blog about Feng Jia Night Market (逢甲夜市)! This year, I went visited Taichung again and who will miss out going to their biggest night market, 逢甲夜市? Spanning a long street and inter-lanes, the night market is the most popular night market in Taichung. This year, I stayed nearby the night market and thus, I went back there for 2 nights. I hope I can feature more must-eat/do/see in Feng Jia Night Market. Ok, without further ado, I shall start!

The night market is named after the university (逢甲大學) located in the Feng Jia area. Yes, in the daytime, you will see students walking around the area and expect crowds on weekend's evening too. There are many accommodation places located in the area as it is one of the must-see attractions in Taichung. I stayed at the newly setup hostel, "艾菲爾鐵塔名宿". It was a hard decision as I got a number of options on Hostelworld's website, in the end, I chose the hostel and I didn't regret my choice. The room which I booked was nice and nearby the night market, there is a direct bus to Tung Hai University (東海大學) too.


Eiffel Tower Hostel(艾菲爾鐵塔名宿)

Eiffel Tower Hostel (艾菲爾鐵塔名宿)
Fuxing North First Street, Xitun District, Taichung 407, Taiwan

Putting accommodation aside for now then, we will explore the night market! There are a ton of delicious foods and shopping too. One of the best local apparel brands which I recommended is California (加州), they also carried stuffs from Japan (Seven Heaven) and other regional countries. I bought 2 pocket-tees from there during my visit. I think they have one outlet in Shi Da Night Market (師大夜市) in Taipei, so if you are not visiting Taichung during your trip, you can try visiting their Taipei's outlet. They have shirts, tees, jackets, hoodies and bags. The quality-wise of their products is good and nice, the tees definitely suits Singapore's weather. Shopping in the night market is a pleasure, Raven got herself a ton of stuffs from wallets to tees at really reasonable prices.

Foods are an essential part of any night market. In Feng Jia Night Market, there are a lot of foods to try out. In this post, I shall go through the foods which I have tried out during the 2 nights. Time to drool! Hahas.


日式和風の炒麵麵包! おいしい!!

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"大勝炒麵麵包" is a very popular store in Feng Jia night market. It doesn't just made its way onto many blogs but also big media names like "MTV Asia" and "TVBS" which paid an interview visit to the store too. I bought the "日式和風" flavoured one, the sauce was awesome and the noodles tasted really good. Well, if you wanted to know how it tasted like, try stir fry your instant noodles with soy sauce and dress it in salad sauce! It's so delicious and tasty!


Tasty grilled mutton satay!

While waiting and queuing up for my "炒麵麵包", Raven went off shopping on her own. She bought these grilled mutton satay(s) from "新疆羊肉串". The store is facing opposite of "大勝炒麵麵包" and thus, it's pretty easy to find the store. The mutton satay(s) were selling at 6 sticks for NT$100 (Est' S$4.30++). The satay(s) were okay and tasted quite nice, but in my opinion, the mutton smell is not well-done enough. Overall, try only you are seriously hungry. Hahas.


Delicious and warm "生煎包" on sizzling hot plate!

One of the nicest and must-try of all times when visiting Feng Jia Night Market (逢甲夜市) or Shi Da Night Market (師大夜市) is the "生煎包" from "許家生煎包". The buns were in fact like dumplings in bun-shape. No kidding, they tasted really awesome and nice. These buns are selling at 5 for NT$35 (Est' S$1.50).


當歸鴨麵線 (Angelica duck noodles)

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I believed if you have read my previous post on Taichung's Feng Jia Night Market, you would remember this store. I have visited them last year and this year, I went back again! The soup base was really awesome especially during the cold and wet weather. The noodles were smooth and tasty, the duck-meat slices were okay too. Thumbs up!


Signature ramen of the store!

Promotion Menu and side dishes

Raven and I happened to pass by this restaurant on the first night and so, we decided to try them out on the second night at Feng Jia. "妖怪拉麵" opened its doors in 2013 and the waitresses here wear Japanese uniform, so it's kind of like fitting into the Japanese-themed ramen restaurant. Food-wise, the ramen and side dishes tasted quite nice. It's pretty not bad, I believed that you guys would also like it too. The price range is between NT$100 to NT$200, to many of us, I think it's affordable and reasonable too. There are several side dishes you can choose from if you are picking up the combo meal, from fried ebi to fried fish cake.

Other snacks you can find in the night market

Also featured on "食尚玩家"

If you like potatoes, you will love the fried sweet potatoes balls. It cost only NT$20 for a small pack and they tasted really nice and it's really addictive too. The Taiwanese waffle "格子Q" (Also featured on "食尚玩家") is one of the tasty snacks found in many night markets and you can pretty much find them around the island of Taiwan these days. If you have tried the "鹹酥雞" from Taiwan, you will realised that it's actually the Popcorn Chicken from our local KFC restaurants only that it tasted much saltier. I have finally come to the end of this wonderful post, I hope the shopping and foods recommendation in this post will help you when you visit Feng Jia Night Market the next time. Ciaos!

Story Closed on 12.03.14.

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- Feng Jia Night Market (March 2013)
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