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Tateishi is a small town or estate in East Toyko. The town is quiet and it's nearby the popular Skytree area in Tokyo too. I stayed here for the 7 nights of my trip. At the center of the town, there is a train station which service run from the airports and city center. Also, there are a number of small stores and eateries around the station too.

This is my room for the 7 nights

I spent a number of nights having dinner at this restaurant. The beef bowl meal is only around S$4.30 (¥380), each meal come with miso soup (味噌スープ) and free flow of iced water (冷たい水)/warm green tea (お茶). The ambience was quiet and peaceful, the staffs were very friendly and helpful too. With my poor Japanese language, they are still able to know what I wanted.

The store

Beef bowl set meal (牛丼セット)

松屋 京成立石店
〒124-0012 東京都葛飾区立石1-19-6
Open daily: 24 hours!

Other than dinner, I also dined at this cafe during one of the nights. It was also a very quiet place to chill too. They sell a selection of coffee from the popular Matcha latte (抹茶ラテ) to the common cappuccino. Other than coffee, they also have a considerable good variety of breads and sandwiches too. Note, they also have an outlet in Singapore too!

The Store

My late supper

サンマルクカフェ 京成立石店
〒124-0012 東京都葛飾区立石7-1-2 三富士堂ビル
Open daily: 0730 hrs - 2100 hrs

There are several ¥100 stores on this shopping street and there is a Matsumoto (マツモトキヨシ) store here too. I bought one of my collagen packs here too. I also noted that The Matsumoto (マツモトキヨシ) here is also much cheaper than the one at Harajuku.


マツモトキヨシ 立石駅前店
Open daily: 1000 hrs - 2030 hrs

My guesthouse is nearby the Nakagawa (中川) river. This river is linked across the Tokyo Skytree. I can easily spot the Skytree from here. During one of the nights, I dropped by the river to catch the night view of the river and Skytree. It was pretty as expected.

Spotted the Tokyo Skytree from the river site

Alright! That's about my post on Tateishi. I hope it is useful to you guys whom wanted to stay around the area during your trip. Nevertheless, I will be back for another travelogue next week. Be sure to drop by soon! :)

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