Sunday, March 22, 2015
Mount Takao

Hi peeps! I am back for another travel post! I am sorry, I nearly missed this one! It's on Mount Takao! Mount Takao is one of the popular attractions in Tokyo. Just about an hour ride from Tokyo's central, the view from the summit of Mount Takao is awesome! To get to here, take the Keio line from Shinjuku then alight at Takao station. Walk a few distance, you will reach the base of the mountain. The best season to come is in autumn and I am lucky that I went there in my recent trip.

“高尾山のビューは 素敵ですよ!”

The journey up to the summit of the mountain is tough, I would recommend taking the cable car which cost about S$6.00 to S$7.00 per trip. You can use the Pasmo/Suica Card to purchase your ticket. Oh well, trust me, these monies are worth paying!! I made the trip by walking down the mountain when I going back, it was tough shit! The steps are really steep!! Bring along something like the hiking stick if you are going to climb instead of taking the cable car! Lols.

Without further ado, I shall let all the photos I took to speak for my experience there then.

At the top of the mountain, you will be able to see Mount. Fuji from afar!! I am lucky that day, I was able to view the mountain. It was my second time seeing the mountain during my trip! My first was when I am on train to Hakone, however, I was not able to get a shot of it during the train ride. :(

“あの日 本当 嬉しかった!”

No words can describe my feelings!!

There are several resting place at the summit of the mountain, foods and drinks are also available. The whole place was crowded with locals and tourists. I happened to bump into some Taiwanese too. Lols, they were busy taking selfie/wefie with Mount Fuji! As I mentioned, on my way back down the mountain...The route was really tough even for the first few kilometres up. I had a really hard time however, I am happy because there are several nice spots to take selfie with the autumn leaves!

On my way down the mountain loh...

Pretty shot!

I'm all warmed up!

Also featured on Wattention SG Vol 20!

I ended the day at around 1500 hrs or 1600 hrs then I headed back to Shinjuku to get my mum the thermal containers (Bento box). It was cheaper in Japan compared to what Isetan and Takashimaya is selling in Singapore. Alright, I guess I shall stop my words here then, I hope you guys are contented with this awesome post. Be sure to drop by soon for more travel updates! :)

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