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Hakone / Lake Ashi (2014)
箱根 / 芦ノ湖 : Hakone / Lake Ashi

It's time for another travel post! This time round, I will be posting about Hakone and Lake Ashinoko as you read from the post title. This is my second visit to hakone and lake ashinoko, I went there during the Autumn season this time round and it was fantastic! I totally enjoyed myself here though the wind is really strong and the timing is really tight. Partially, this is due to the crowd. Since these attractions are both popular tourist spots, I believed long queue should be expected?

Nevertheless, I shall start with Hakone. Early morning, I woke up and kicked start my trip from Shinjuku JR station. From Shinjuku, you can get the day pass from Odakyu railway which is located at the west exit of the station. Then, take the Odakyu train to Odawara then transfer another train towards Hakone-Yumoto station. In fact, once you reached Odawara, you are more or less in Hakone area! There are tour buses and taxis everywhere!!

After reaching Hakone-Yumoto station, you have to take a cable car up to Gora station (強羅駅, Little Prince store is located here!) to take another cable car to Sounzan station (早雲山駅). From Sounzan station, I have to take another ropeway car towards Owakudani (大涌谷駅, the famous black egg "黒卵" is sold here!). All the journey on trains and cable cars will take about 2 to 3 hours minimum, so keep yourself awake by seeing pretty sightings and take some nice videos/photos on the way. I passed by Mt. Fuji while I was on train from Shinjuku to Odawara. The sky was clear that day and I felt really regretful for not taking a video while I was on the train. :(

The red train to Gora

Little Price store! Pity that I didn't get to visit it due to time constraint!

Le Petit Prince Museum @ Gora, Hakone
〒250-0631 神奈川県足柄下郡 箱根町仙石原909
Open daily: 0900 hrs to 1800 hrs (entrance permitted until 1700 hrs)

On my way to Sounzan station (Inside the cable car)

Yeah! At the top, the scenery is awesome, snapping all the way~~

”ああ! 素晴らしい ビューですね。” 

Smoky Owakudani!

The shopping centre that sells the black eggs!

I did not have time to explore most the attractions in Hakone due to that, I have to rush to take the cruise on Lake Ashinoko. Nevertheless, I hope I will be able to explore Hakone more for my next trip. I won't mind giving up my trip to Ashinoko for 1 time. As I mentioned earlier, there are really a lot of tourists here. I met people from Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia and Hong Kong! Side note, most of the tourists are not very patient and kind of like rude. I think overall, Singaporean/Malaysian are very approachable and behave more better than people from other Asian countries. No offences though, this is my opinion gained from this trip.

After all the queuing and stuffs, I finally rode the cruise on Lake Ashinoko. It was about sunset time, mine, the sunset on the lake was awesome to see! The wind was strong as usual and it was quite cold! So in the end, I went back indoor to hide myself after some photos and sightseeing. The ride ended in about 30 minutes and reached shore back at Motohakone-ko.

The ferry which I took

The ferry store which sells foods, drinks and souvenirs too

Lake Ashinoko is one of the 5 lakes that surround Mount. Fuji. It is also one of the most visited lakes in the vicinity due to the convenient transportation. The Lake Ashinoko park/area housed a number of souvenir stores, restaurants and cafes. You can shop and rest your feet here if you are tired while walking the park.

Reached the Ashinoko Park!

Across the terminal are shops and restaurants!

It was about 1900 hrs(JPT), the sky was totally dark and the queue back to the main train station was superb long. I was lucky that I travelled alone, saved up the nagging from my friends and family. Cuz, I spent about 20 to 30 mins just waiting for the bus back to the station. :(

Overall, I still had fun. I am really happy that I tried the route alone and survived without much Japanese communication skills. I think it's an once in a lifetime thing to travel alone to Hakone doing the Odakyu's route. It is quite something special? If you guys have any questions on this route, feel free to drop me a message! I would be happy to guide you guys if I have the time! Alright, I hope I have covered much of the things in Hakone and Lake Ashinoko.

Big shrine gate welcoming me!

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