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Koganei Park

Hello peeps! I am back for another travel post and this time round, I will be posting on my first visit to Koganei Park. Koganei Park is a huge park in Tokyo and it is very popular during the spring season due to the sukura/cherry blossom. Many parks in Tokyo are very popular for picnic. Koganei park is no exception, a short 30 - 40 minutes JR train ride from Tokyo's Shinjuku will bring you to this less crowded park.

Compared to the most visited Ueno park, Koganei park is less crowded and more quiet during the weekdays as compared to the tourist filled Ueno park. The park housed the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum, the museum enables visitors to explore a wide variety of buildings of different styles, periods, and purposes, from upper-class homes to pre-war shops, public baths and Western-style buildings of the Meiji period, which would normally be inaccessible to tourists or other casual visitors. An adult ticket to the museum will cost 400円 (Approx. S$4.50++).

Exterior of the museum

〒184-0005 東京都小金井市桜町3-7-1(都立小金井公園内)

Operation Hours:
Open daily (But take note of the month if you are going)

Apr-Sep: 0930 hrs - 1730 hrs
Oct-Mar: 0930 hrs - 1630 hrs

Coming to Koganei park is not an easy task especially when you are figuring out where is the Seibu-Shinjuku station. First thing anyone of you guys should know is that, locate the Seibu-Shinjuku station at Shinjuku. This station has the train to go to Koganei park.


Take the train from this station and then alight at the Hanakoganei station(花小金井駅). From the station, walk a certain distance, roughly about 10 mins and you will be reaching the park. Along the way, you will see these beautiful cherry blossom. It's amazing and I am so going back to Japan during the spring season next year.

On the way to the park

On my way to the park

If you are thinking of picking up some snacks and drinks before heading to the park, you can drop by the convenient store at the JR station. The convenient store has a ton of good snacks to fill you up. For tourists who are not here for picnic, the convenient store is your good friend, I guess?

The stores at the JR station

Other than Cherry blossoms, the park offers a huge area for outdoor activities like badminton, kite flying etc;. I think it's a good place to relax and spend a wonderful morning. If you are interested, why not drop by this park someday? I shall stop my words here then, I hope this post has given you some insights and be sure to drop by soon for more travel posts in my upcoming posts!

The huge tree at the park

The green space for visitors to have picnic etc;

Beautiful Sakura!

White Sakuras

Other variety of flowers here too

Other beautiful sights!

〒184-0001 小金井市関野町 1-13-1

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