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Odaiba (2015)

Evening peeps, it's Friday! How's your week so far? I am back here to post about my last travelogue on my recent trip to Tokyo, Japan. In this post, I will be posting about my visit to Odaiba as the title suggested. Without further ado, let's start!

Odaiba is a man-made island in Tokyo. You can get to here via the metro trains/subway easily from Shinjuku/Tokyo central. Each trip will take approx. 30 to 40 mins. In Odaiba, you can expect concerts, shoppings, exhibitions, ferries wheel rides, arcades and many mores.

My first stop at Odaiba is to drop by the popular onsen which we called hot spring in Singapore. This onsen is probably the most notable one in Tokyo. Inside the onsen place, you can play Yo-Yo tsuri, shooting games, some mini shopping, eat, drink and of course dip hot spring! Each entry for adult cost about ¥2,490 (Approx. S$30.10~). For that price, you can stay in the onsen place for hours and hours. There is also this resting area where you can sleep, rest and watch Japanese TV shows too. It's a good place to spent your afternoon, I must say.

The Onsen Park

Entrance to the Onsen

The game corners

More games

My lunch at the onsen park

The resting area inside the Onsen park

Once you checked into the park, you will be given this tag thingy where you can use it for purchase for foods and stuffs inside the park. At the end of day when you check out, you will be given the total bill including the entry fees. :)

Selfies to end my visit!~

Oedo Onsen Monogatari Hot Springs
〒135-0064 東京都江東区青海2丁目6番3号
Open daily: 1100 hrs - 2100 hrs

My second stop at Odaiba is at Diver City. Diver City is a huge shopping mall where you can almost find anything nice to shop from your usual omiyages (お土産), clothes to foods and drinks! It housed many notable brands such as Old Navy, Burberry Black and Blue labels, Adidas, Tokyu Hands, Wego and our friendly ¥100 Daiso. There are also few restaurants that might interest you such as the Maidreamin Cafe, cute Sushi train restaurant (where the sushi are served on cute trains) and the outdoor Gundam Cafe.

Entrance to Diver City

The popular Gundam at Diver City!

Before I visit Diver City, I stopped by the sandy beach in front of Decks shopping mall. This is my first time dropping by at the beach, the sand were really soft. I took some photos at the beach and also took a mini stroll there too. Hees...

Sandy beach

View of Tokyo's main island

Spotted the Statue of Liberty? Hahas!

That's pretty much about my visit at Odaiba. Of course, Odaiba has much more to offer. I never failed to visit here whenever I am in Tokyo. If you would like to read more about my visits to Odaiba,

Click below to read about my visit in 2014!

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