Thursday, December 24, 2015
Shilin Night Market 2015

Afternoon peeps! It's Christmas eve! Today is Thursday of the week, so it's a long weekend for most of us here in Singapore! I am back here to blog about my recent visit to Shilin Night Market (士林夜市). This is my 4th visit to the market and nothing's new about it. Oh, I think there is a new kids themed-park nearby the market. It just being built and ended construction recently. I guess it will be filled with people soon. Hahas.

Jian Tan Metro Station

This year, I am back at Shilin night market to grab dinner and window shopping. Yes, there are 2 parts of the market if you are not sure. Firstly, the outdoor market where there are clothings, cosmetics and accessories and some snacks/drinks and foods stores. There is also an indoor market which I didn't went and dine before due to the crowd and smell.

50% Apparel! One of my fave stores in Taiwan!

Anyway, during this trip, I also didn't grab much foods as Raven and I were pretty much full. We caught a movie at Yang Ming Cinema (陽明戲院). One of the must-eats here is the Hao Da Da Chicken Cutlet (豪大大雞排). Personally, I prefers eating at the first store in Taiwan. This is the birthplace for its first outlet and through out my 4 visits/years, the price of each serving stays affordable. Each serving cost NT65/70 if I remember correctly.


Yang Ming Cinema

Tickets and Popcorn!~

After our movie, we grabbed dinner at the popular Ah Zong Mee Sua (阿宗麵線). This is one of latest outlets for Ah Zong Mee Sua, I must say since I visit Taipei every year. Inside the store, there were seats but no tables. I guess they are cutting down on spaces so more people can dine indoor.

Nightfall, Shilin Night Market



Yummy mutton stick!

Overall, Shilin still stayed the number one night market in Taipei. The market is well-balanced with foods and shopping. Now, with an addition of a kids theme park nearby. I believed it will continue to attract more tourists and visitors. To get to Shilin night market, alight yourself at Jiantan metro station (劍潭站) via Tamsui/Xinyi line (淡水信義線). From the station, it's just about 5 mins or less to the market. I have come to the end of this short travel post, I hope you have enjoyed reading it! :)

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