Monday, January 25, 2016
Xiang Shan

Evening peeps! It's Monday, hope that you are not having too much blues today. Anyway, I am back to post about my recent hiking trip to Xiang Shan (象山). Xiang Shan is one of the mountains in Taipei which you can view Taipei 101 from a distance. The hike will take about 30 mins and it's not really too tough to get to the observation point.

During this trip, we took the metro to Xiang Shan station (象山站) and then walk a few minutes to reach the base of the mountain. Before that, we had a good breakfast at New York Bagels. Each of us ordered one main course, there are free bananas for all diners. So, we had some too. The breakfast menu is pretty good and if you order with a combo, the normal coffee can be refilled.

Coffee time!

The popular bagel set meal

After a good breakfast, we started our hiking trip! There are a lot of steps towards the first resting point. Raven and the rest stopped at the first rest point while I continued to the top alone. The view at the top is definitely nicer and more clearer than the first rest point of the mountain. Anyway, we followed the main route towards the top. I did not stayed at the top for too long due to drizzle.

Passing by this park before heading to the mountain

The base of the mountain!

View at the first rest point

The view at the top!~

The rest of the photos

We descended from the mountain using lesser time. Please note that there are a lot of mosquitoes around, so do remember to spray or use insect repellent before climbing the mountain. Well, everyone in my group got bitten and we were tired after the climb. Hahas. I guess I am the only one whom had fun while the others were just like following me...Dots. But for a sporty person, I guess this trip is worth it. If you are like me, why not drop by this mountain if you ever visit Taipei during your next trip?

Overall, I think this trip is fun and it sure help me to lose some calories from those night market's foods. Hahas. I hope my experience here can help you plan your upcoming trip. Okay, that's about it. Do drop by soon for more travel posts!~

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