Saturday, February 27, 2016
Japan Absorption

Hello, everybody!! Welcome to my blog! This post is a mixture of posts where you can find a lot of Japanese-related articles/posts. I will kept on updating this post when there is a new Japanese-related post which I put up. This post serve as a portal post for all the Japan lovers like me. I hope you guys will find this post very useful and of course, the following posts be enjoyed too.

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Ao Haru Ride (2014) Attention Please (2006) Blossom Bliss 2017
Box and Sticks Buzzer Beat (2009) Cash Studios, Cuppage
Chihayafuru (2016) Do As Infinity 1st Live in SG 2017 Don Don Donki, Singapore
Great Teacher Onizuka (2012) Gundam Docks SG 2015 Gyoza No Ohsho
Gyoza Ya Hokkaido Izakaya Ippudo
Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo Japan Rail Café Singapore Japanese that Japanese doesn't know (2010)
Ma Maison Menya Gen (Previously Menmaru) Minami Kun No Koibito (2015)
MOS Cafe Muji Cafe & Meal Mumon (2017)
Naruto: The Last Movie Natsu Matsuri 2015 One Piece Run 2016
Orange (2015) Pocari Sweat Run 2016 Pokemon Pop-Up Café SG 2016
Purrfect Cat Cafe Sabar, Japan Food Town Saizeriya
Seiransai 2017 Super Japan 2016 Tanuki Raw
Teppei Syokudo Tsuru Koshi Washoku Goen
Yoshinoya Beef Bowl Your Name. (2016)


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