Sunday, February 14, 2016
Yang Ming Shan 2015

Evening peeps! It's Sunday and Happy Valentine day! I am back here to update another travel post! This time round it's on Yang Ming Shan (陽明山)! This is my last travel post on my Taiwan's trip for 2015. I hope that you have enjoyed all the posts I put up so far. Upcoming travel posts will be on my trip to Japan, so do stay tuned for them!

Without further ado, let's start! I have been to Yang Ming Shan several times but during this trip, I chose to alight at the peak stop (擎天崗) while on the shuttle bus. There are so many couples whom came here to take wedding photos. There were also many students whom came here to take graduating photos too. The scenery was awesome and the temperature was really nice! Even though it's summer, on top of the mountain, it's only around 20 degrees~! Woots.

Pretty views!

One of my fave shots!

Cow spotted!

Another pretty view

Wedding shot

More cows spotted

The green patch of grass was so tempting to take selfie and photos with. Raven and I practically spent like an hour on the hills and stuffs. We took a few photos and enjoyed the cooling breeze at the top. The bus ride to the top was bumpy and uncomfortable though.

Initially, we wanted to see the famous Bamboo Lake (竹子湖). So, we alighted at the station where we can see them. However, to our disappointment, there are nothing much to see and explore. Anyway, I did took some photos around the area. During the summer season, it was so hot and stuffy, I barely can explore Yang Ming Shan properly. I love going to cooling countries at times since Singapore is a really hot and humid country. :(

The bamboo lake

More shot

All of them look the same? Hahas.

Some flowers I spotted around the area

To get to Yang Ming Shan, people can take buses from Beitou, Jiantan and Ximending. Since Beitou and Yang Ming Shan are close by one another, I usually recommend people planning these 2 spots together. According to my previous posts on Yang Ming Shan, you can take Bus 260 from Ximending, Red 5 from Jiantan and 230 from Beitou. I hope my information helps you in planning how to get there. Of course, before that, please do your own research first! Note, the bus services I mentioned are nearby the metro station too so it's easy to navigate around too!

So rounding up my trip to Yang Ming Shan, I think overall, I still enjoyed myself there. But it would be best if we visit them in February or March because there are more flowers and the weather is much cooling too. Nevertheless, I have come to the end of this short post and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Yang Ming Shan Official Website

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