Sunday, March 20, 2016
Minoo Park

Afternoon peeps! It's Sunday again! I am back here for another quick update! In this post, I will be posting about my virgin visit to Minoo Park (箕面公園) in Osaka. The park is quite big and it's extremely popular during the autumn season due to the autumn foliage. The main highlight for me visiting this park is because of the big waterfall.

The train to Minoo!~

One of the popular must-eat(s) here is the autumn leaf-shaped crackers. It's a bestseller during the autumn season. It come in packets and usually cost roughly 150 yen or so. I also spotted ton of persimmons for sales too, I guess that it's one of the local fruits there. I know that fruits from Japan were usually sweet but I didn't try out this time round. I will get myself a packet of strawberries from the supermarket during my next trip?

Store selling the autumn leaf-shaped crackers

A closer look at the cracker

Lot of Persimmons

The park also consisted of many amenities and few attractions. One of the popular ones is the foot spa, since it's free, there are a lot of locals around too. There is a bug museum here which I guess only little boys and girls will be interested about? Not a thing for typical Singaporean young adults? Other than the food spa, most of the museums and little parks, you have to pay to enter.

Foot's hot spring? I am on!

So, from the entrance of the park to the waterfall, it will take about 15 to 20 mins depending on your pace. If you have to take a lot photos all around the park, I guess you probably will take a much longer time. At the waterfall point, there are several snack stalls and a rest stop for you to sit around and watch the scenery. As all my Japan trips so far, I been traveling alone, I usually get someone to help me take a photo with the notable backdrop and this time, it's not unexpected too. Hahas.

Pretty view

Another shot

Fallen leaves

One of the popular red bridges in Minoo!

Almost there!! Wait for me, waterfall!

Lot of tourists

Selfies to end my trip!~

Anyway, I spent about an hour or so at the park before leaving for my next destination. In conclusion, this park is really a gem in the bustling Osaka city. It rivaled the popular Mt. Takao park in Tokyo which is also one of popular places during autumn. Personally, the park is a good place to take in the nature and a good place to have a picnic. In every Japanese prefectures, I think that there is always some nature spots which one should visit. For Osaka, Minoo Park is the one. My recommendation is to come during the autumn season where the weather is cooling and hiking the mild slopes is less torturing without the heat.

I pretty much summed up my trip here. Anyway, to get to the park is easy. Simply take the Hankyu-Minoo Line (阪急箕面線) from Ishibashi Station (HK48: 石橋駅) and alight at Minoo Station (箕面駅). For further details, you can visit their official website at Thanks for dropping by!~

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