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Afternoon peeps! It's Sunday again, I am back for another post! This time round, I will be posting on my visit to the popular downtown area of Osaka, Namba! Namba is one of the busiest districts in Osaka, it's filled with shopping malls, eateries, cafes and so much more. If you need a shopping retreat in central Osaka, this is the place to visit!


The visitors here are from different places. Other than the locals, I also met a lot of Chinese, Taiwanese, Malaysian and Caucasians too. Well, it's one of the must-visit(s) afterall. The river area is one of the most crowded areas in Namba. This is because of the Pocky man. I named the billboard as the Pocky man because you can find him in all the Pretz, Pocky or Collon's packaging. Glico is the real company name though.

The Glico signage

When one ever visit Namba, the Pocky/Glico man is one of the must-selfie(s) photo. Other than that, you can also go along the street and spot huge store's ornaments/signboards. The next popular one will be the moving Crab ornament of the best selling crab snacks store. A few minutes walk from the central river area, you can find Saizeriya tucked inside a building. Saizeriya is one of my favourite places for dinner in Singapore and Japan because of the cheap meals it can offer.

The moving crab signage

Let's selfie!

Did you spot the huge sushi?


My dinner for that evening

One of the must-eat(s) at Namba will be Takoyaki! It's one of the local snacks here. I chanced upon this store named "十八番". It seems that it's the most popular store along the street as seen from the length of the queue. Other than the Takoyaki, I also tried Osaka no Ohsho too. Yup, we have one new outlet at Westgate too. Anyway, it's not very fantastic but it's much cheaper than ours. I love their huge Gyoza's ornament at the front of their eatery. So cute!

Spotted an Owl cafe

The takoyaki

Osaka no Ohsho

If you love ramen, I definitely still recommend Ippudo or Ichiran! This time round, I dropped by Ichiran's Namba outlet. My food trail ends here, I believed. Hahas.

My fave ramen store in Japan!

Other than foods, you can also find international names such as H&M, Forever 21, Uniqlo and similar here. There are also popular local brands such as Wego, ABC Mart all here too. My favourite shopping spot will be this store where you can find a ton of Glico stuffs. The prices were affordable and it's a good place to buy all the omiyage for your friends!

Shopping time!

Namba also has a quite an extensive underground shopping street too. It's that big that a newcomer will easily get lost once he/she exited the subway or JR station. In this case, you can say that Namba is the Shinjuku of Osaka. I can't guide you guys how to exit the station properly though, I think you need to do your own research here. :(

Underground mall: Namba Walk

I have come to the end of this short post. I hope it does help you plan your trip a bit? Sorry that I cannot give you the direction because it's just so difficult. Anyway, do be back for my next travel post on Universal Studios Japan!


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