Sunday, March 06, 2016
One Piece Run 2016

Afternoon peeps! It's Sunday, I am back here for another weekly post. This time round, I am back to post about my experience at the first ever One Piece Run in Singapore. This morning, the first ever One Piece Run flagged off at 0715 hours. The event see about 7,000 - 10,000 runners. The event registration was opened since last year November. The early birds enjoyed a flat rate of S$62.00. The registration process was fast and smooth. However, I did not hear about the name of the organiser for this race. It's called Infinitus, apparently it had also organised several other running events such as Mizuno Ekiden 2015, Great Eastern's Women Run etc;.

The One Piece Run series started recently and Singapore was one of the stops. The next in the series will be back in Japan and it will be held in Okinawa later this year. The race pack for this run, runners were given a dry-fit tee, Chopper's water bottle, Luffy's black towel and some discount pamphlets in an exclusive One Piece Run's drawstring bag. The finisher for the race will also get an exclusive Toei Animation licensed medal.

The Route Map

The Race Village

Smooth collection on the RPC day

What you get in the goodies bag!~

Wakuwaku! Support!~

Long queue at the photo booth

After finishing the race, I rested myself at the race village. There were games, drinks, light snacks and also One Piece merchandises for sales too. I enjoyed myself during this race. The photobooth was crowded though, hahas. There are few cosplayers around too. The drink sponsor for the race is Nestle's Sjora therefore, the drinks were tasty. There are only 1 drink station along the route since it's a short 5km run. The event concluded at 1130 hours.

I bought a towel here, much practical?

Free drinks and cotton floss!


A closer look at the medal!~

Overall, I think this run is worth participating especially if you are an One Piece fan! I have come to the end of this short review post. I hope it will help you decide whether to join the next Strawhat's run in the future. Hahas!

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