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Osaka Castle

Afternoon peeps! It's Sunday! Oh well, having the Monday blues soon? Anyway, I am back for my first Japan travel post! Sorry for the long wait. In this short post, I will be posting about my experience to Osaka Castle! It's my very first time to Osaka and I am very excited! I hope I can travel to all the prefectures in Japan real soon!~

Osaka Castle is one of the must-see(s) whenever you visit Osaka. Osaka castle is one of the oldest castles in Japan too. Dating back to the Ieyashu generation! The castle is one huge bad-ass, it's surrounded by huge and tall walls. It's to prevent enemy from getting in easily. I am really impressed. The entrance fees to the castle cost JPY¥600 (est. S$7.40++) for adults.

Ticket Vending machine

Comparing Osaka castle to Himeiji castle, I still love Himeiji castle though. Anyway, I will be blogging about Himeiji Castle sometime later, so do watch out for it! Osaka castle unlike Himeiji castle has a built-in elevator, so you need not climb mountain of stairs to get to the top of the castle. The view from the top of the castle was pretty! I took several photos and selfies too. There is a gift store at the top and it sells quite a substantial number of stuffs from key chains, magnets to small things such as nail clipper etc;. During my stay, I bought one magnet. Note: I am collecting magnets from places I have visited. Soon, I guess my fridge will be full of magnets. Hahas!!

Around the first level

Japan is no doubt one of my fave countries to visit and thus, I am learning Japanese as my third language. Anyway, the castle is 8 levels high and each level house exhibition on the construction and history of the castle. If you love the Ieyashu era, this is one of the must-visit(s) castle in Japan. I kept talking about Ieyashu because he is one of the notable generals in Japanese history. Other than the beautiful view from the top, the castle's exhibition is also worth exploring too. What you can expect here are tons of nice artifacts such as murals, scripts, equipment, the ancient armour-wears too.

Beautiful skyline view from the top

Exhibition all around

At the end of the self-tour which ends at level one, you can get some nice photos with Samurai props with a small sum of cost. I think my ¥600 is worth the trip here. Outside the castle, there are several snack stalls. If you need some energy, why not drop by and grab some foods? To get to Osaka castle, simply take the subway and alight at Tanimachi-yon-chome station (谷町四丁目駅). From there, take exit 1B and walk a little more like 5 to 10 mins of North-East direction, you will reach the castle entrance!


Beautiful shot from outside of the castle

The castle's park

Spotted this statue at the park

The operation hours is from 0900 hrs to 1700 hrs. For more information, please visit the official website at I enjoyed my trip here and I hope you also enjoyed reading this post.

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