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Evening peeps, it's Sunday! I am back for another weekly travel post. This time round, I will be posting on things around Naramachi. Naramachi is means Nara's town in Japanese. Naramachi is easily accessible from JR Nara station. From the station, you can go straight ahead to reach the famous Todaiji shrine but along the way, you can turn right into one of the lanes and reach Naramachi. The signs are easily spotted on the way to the shrine, so I guess no one will miss this one.

The street of Naramachi

On the street of Nara, you will be able to spot a number of stores from selling traditional clothes, stuffs or similar. Shopping for souvenirs shouldn't be a huge problem here. One of Naramachi traits is the old Japanese style houses and street. If you are looking for nice backdrop for ootd or selfies, this place is one of the ideal places!

One of the old houses

The streets which are further down

More street photos

If you noticed these red thingy, I think it's their lucky charm!

Most of the Naramachi's buildings in the Edo Period and earlier were Machiya (町屋). These long, narrow "townhouses" were served both as shops and as the living quarters for the local merchants. The store fronts of Machiya were often kept narrow in order to save on taxes, which used to be calculated on a property's street access rather than its total area. Today, a handful of Machiya have been preserved made open to the public as museums. (Cited from

Further down the area, you can spot the Nara Craft Museum. The museum housed a number of craft works by using the Nara's crafting techniques. Since the entrance fees to the museum is free, so I guess it's one of the nice places to visit in Nara? The museum has 2 levels with the first one having most of the artifacts and a museum store. Do take note of business hours of the museum.

The museum entrance

Some of the artifacts

Wow, visited by British Royalties too!

Nara Craft Museum (なら工藝館)
Open daily: 1000 hrs to 1800 hrs (Entry until 1730 hrs)
(Closed on Mondays)

That's pretty much about my visit at Naramachi and the surrounding area. I hope this short post will help you append your itinerary when you plan your Todaiji trip.

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