Tuesday, April 12, 2016
Universal Studios

Evening peeps! It's Tuesday! I am back for another quick travel post on my recent trip to Osaka! In this post, I will sharing about my experience at Universal Studios Japan (USJ). Before South-East Asia best theme park, USS took the title, Universal Studios Japan is one iconic theme park in Asia. The entrance fees to USJ cost me about S$70~ that time, oh well, that's when our Singapore dollar is strong against Japanese yen. I think now, it would cost about $80~ per entry?

Every themed area of the park consist of a souvenir store, different styled restrooms, walkways and stuffs. It's quite similar to our Singapore's version. I guess it's pretty much similar because there is some design blueprints which the park builders have to follow since they are licensed under the parent company, Universal. The park is easily accessible by train from JR Namba station. You can expect fireworks, parades and exciting rides when visiting the park.

With Spiderman!

One of my fave areas here is the Harry Potter area. If you been following me closely, I am quite a hardcore Harry Potter fan except that I didn't went to buy the whole series of J K Rowling's books. I intended to purchase the whole movie DVDs someday. There is 2 Harry Potter attraction here, one is the roller coaster ride while the other one is the exploration of the Hogwarts castle.

Harry Potter!! *Fan Mode*

For thrill seekers, one of the must-try roller coasters here is the Hollywood Dream. The attraction consist of 2 rides, namely "The Ride" and "Backdrop". I queued about an hour for this but it was really worth it! I enjoyed it. On the ride, I am treated with the song by SMAP. SMAP is one of huge J-Pop bands since when I am in primary school. Sadly, they have recently disbanded. Anyway, below is promotion video of them for the park.

Making of the promotion video

I am in the queue!~

Another fun and thrilling one! Space Fantasy!

There is also an area which featured Sanrio characters too. It's called Universal Wonderland where Hello Kitty, Snoopy and our childhood Sesame Street's characters all come together. During my trip, I am only able to explore the Snoopy's one as I am left with really little time and it's night time.

Universal Wonderland

Some Hello Kitty stuffs

At the Snoopy's area

Anyway, I was expecting to seeing the Attack on Titan attraction but it was removed during my visit. Besides, it was drizzling. Nonetheless, the park is still pretty crowded. I did had fun here, it's one of those signature themed parks to go to when you visit Japan. Compared to Disneysea, I really enjoyed Universal Studios much more as there are more exciting rides. Depending on your companion, if you are traveling with a group of youngsters, USJ is definitely one of the better choices.

The Minions Craze hit Japan too!~

Selfies with 2 popular characters here!

Universal Studios Japan, Osaka

Okay, I have come to the end of this short travel post. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this one too, be sure to check out my blog soon as there are more Japan's travel posts coming up!

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