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Afternoon peeps! It's Sunday again! I am back for another travel post! This time round, it's on Arashiyama! Arashiyama is one of the most popular spots in Kyoto. It is famous for the Togetsukyo Bridge (渡月橋) and bamboo forest. Of course, I didn't missed these two too. There is also an onsen place (風風の湯) here too, this one, I didn't really went to try.

京都 嵐山温泉 風風の湯
〒616-0001 京都府京都市西京区嵐山上河原町1
Open daily: 1200 hrs to 2200 hrs

To get to Arashiyama, you can board the JR Sagano line from JR Kyoto station and alight at Saga-Arashiyama station. From the station, it's about 10 minutes to the several points of interest. As mentioned earlier, there are 2 main points of interest here. One of which is the Togetsukyo bridge, this bridge joined the small island to the main island where most of the restaurants and temples are located. Crossing over the bridge, you will be able to visit the popular Monkey park and the onsen which I posted on earlier. The bridge is crowded and there are many tourists. The walking path will be a little bit narrow by that.

Once alighted from the station, you will spot this orange building!

On my way to the attractions

One of the random shots, I guess?

Popular food place

The Togetsukyo bridge!

Another shot

People take these small boats to explore the places

Another nice shot for the day

The next attraction which I visited during my trip is the Bamboo Forest. It is located on the main island. During my visit, there aren't too many people so I am able to take quite an amount of photos here. If you ever come here, be sure to spot rickshaw and people donning kimonos.

The popular bamboo forest

Arashiyama is one of famous autumn spots in Kyoto and this is why it attracted me there. I went during the autumn season, hahas. And, I am able to spot the 2 things I mentioned earlier. The weather was cooling and it was a fun trip. Coming here, I had a few finger snacks such as croquette and churros. In Kyoto, don't miss eating the matcha soft serve too. There are several restaurants and cafes here too, but I didn't patron any of them so I can't comment much on these. However, I believed they are of some good standards to be able to setup stores on popular attraction areas.

The shop which sell the croquettes and hotdogs

Close up of the snacks

The shop that sell the churros

My fave!!

I missed this cone!!~

Overall, I think Arashiyama is a good place to visit and it is fun to see kimono girls and rickshaw at most occasions. I definitely recommend my readers to pay the place a visit if you ever visit Kyoto in the future. I have come to the end of this post. I hope that you have gained some useful insights and some ideas on what Arashiyama can offers. Do stay tuned for my next travel post! :)

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