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Orange (2015)

Evening peeps! It's Thursday!! I am back for another quick update. It's been quite some time since I blog about movies and dramas, yea? Hahas. Okay, in this post, I will sharing my views on a recent Japanese movie, Orange. I watched this movie while I was on my flight to Fukuoka last April. Hahas, free!!~

Okay, the movie Orange is based on the same manga series written by Ichigo Takano. The main lead of the movie is Naho, played by Tao Tsuchiya (土屋太鳳). As born in the year of 1995, she is really young and talented. In the movie, she was quite natural and the acting was really not bad. The supporting cast includes Kento Yamazaki (山崎賢人), Ryo Ryusei (竜星涼), Hirona Yamazaki (山崎紘菜), Dori Sakurada (桜田通) and Kurumi Shimizu (清水くるみ). These actresses and actors are all very young and mainly stationed at Tokyo currently. You may find them quite familiar as some of them also played notable roles in other movies and dramas.

Screen grab from the movie

Anyway, the movie is about the main lead Naho having a second chance to save her first love and best friend, Kakeru through letters. There are actually 2 timelines in the movie. First one, the younger Naho whom is 10 years younger and the second one is where Naho is 10 years older and have married with 1 baby boy. The older Naho and her husband whom happened to be also Kakeru's best friend too wrote letters to their younger selves. Amazingly, these letters actually did traveled back in time and reached their younger selves.

Movie's trailer

Movie's theme song

In the movie, the younger selves were fighting to change the future in order to save Kakeru. In the older Naho's timeline, Kakeru passed on due to a car accident. The reason is because Kakeru was very sad and felt that his mum's death is caused by him thus, blaming himself, he committed suicide by not avoiding the incoming truck while he was riding his bicycle down the slope. It's quite a sad movie, I was touched when I saw Kakeru's mum left him a video message before she passed away. Younger Naho and the others did eventually save Kakeru in their timeline and well, everyone live happily after that.

Ending: Movie and manga versions

Overall, I am quite contented with the movie. It's an interesting concept to incorporate time travel into the movie. Though, it's not science proven yet that we can send things back in time. However, scientists have discover how the future us can travel back in time to visit our current timeline if some devices were turned on from our current timeline and continue to be working till the future. Okay, guess I am drifting off topic here. But I really did enjoyed the movie though there are not a lot of love scenes in this movie. But I guess it's alright? I hope you guys will also enjoy this movie if you ever wanted to catch it online or on flight to Japan next time. That's all for me now, be sure to be back on Sunday for another travel post!!

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