Monday, May 23, 2016
Super Japan 2016

Evening peeps! It's Monday again, I am pretty tired from the rows of events yesterday. I attended the Super Japan festival held at Esplanade yesterday. Yup, this is even after I read and seen all the negative reviews from the Facebook event page. Anyway, it's about how you perceive the event though. I planned my trip on Saturday with the help from the Esplanade website. In year 2016, Japan and Singapore celebrate its 50-year of diplomatic relationship and thus, the happening of these wonderful events across the year. The Super Japan events is happening from 13 May 16 to 22 May 16 with different days having different programmes.

So, I checked out what programmes are available on the last day of the Super Japan festival. So 22 May 16 (Sunday) is the last day of the series of events and it happened that there are last few nice free programmes available. My itinerary goes like this: 1200 hrs, leave house in my Yukata. 1300 hrs, reached City Hall. 1400 hrs, finished lunch. 1500 hrs, Super Ongaku Concert. 1600 hrs, Kimonos Milestones. 1800 hrs, finished dinner at Marina Square. 1915 hrs, NUS Guitar Ensemble. 2100 hrs, home sweet home. Since I am traveling alone, I got to these programmes easily.

Beautiful concert hall!!

Highlight of the concert!!

Pokemon 20th Anniversary Special

I wondered if these are Yukatas or Kimonos...

Pretty ladies and handsome gentlemen donning Kimonos!

Group Photo!!

Preview of the Kimono Milestones Show

The "Matsuri" area was much better on Sunday, which happened to be the day I visited. The queue is much shorter and more chances for you to play your yo-yo-tsuri (ヨーヨー釣り) game too. Since I had lunch earlier so I didn't bought anything from the bazzar. Thus, I merely walked around taking photos. The game coupons cost S$2.00 each which is pretty steep? Oh well...I am still deciding whether I should go to the Natsu Matsuri this year which is tentatively held on 20th August 2016. Well, it's a trend now, the annual natsu matsuri is held every third Saturday of August each year if you have realised.

Outdoor decorations

The "Matsuri" area on Sunday

Foods, drinks and snacks

Games and the coupon counter!

Yo-yo-tsuri is the most popular one, I think?

Aside from the foods and games, I did enjoyed the other programmes. This is so-called my mini-celebration after the end of my examination period. I am looking forward to my next highlight for the month which is the annual Sundown Marathon run which I will be participate in the 21 km category. Soon, I will reviewing about the race some time in first week of June or something? So do watch out for it! Thanks for dropping by and be sure to drop by soon again!~

The outdoor concert

Outdoor Concert

Ghibli Studios's music piece by Arpeggione Quartet Credits to @ampytheater

Never end the day without a selfie with MBS!~

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