Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Himeiji Castle

Evening peeps! It's been quite some time since I updated my blog. I am caught up with stuffs over the weekends. Soon, I will also be posting my running experience for The Performance Series - Lake edition. So, do stay tuned for it. Anyway, in this post, I will blogging about my trip to Himeji castle, Hyogo.

Himeji Castle (姫路城) is located in the Hyogo prefecture of Japan. It is one of the biggest castles in Japan and also very popular among locals and tourists. The castle is so big that you can see it once you alighted at Himeji JR station. From Osaka station, it takes about 2 hours to reach Himeiji. Personally, I think it's worth the trip down.

As I reached Himeji station, I grabbed breakfast at the nearby St. Marc Cafe (サンマルクカフェ). St. Marc Cafe is one of my must-visit cafes in Japan as it's just so much cheaper in Japan compared to in Singapore. So after breakfast, I headed to the castle. It's a 10 to 15 minutes walk from the JR station. Entrance fees is ¥1,040 inclusive of the entry to the nearby Kokoen Garden.

Himeji JR Station

My breakfast

The castle is both a national treasure and a world heritage site. Unlike many other Japanese castles, it was never destroyed by war, earthquake or fire and survives to this day as one of the country's twelve original castles. The castle recently underwent extensive renovation over several years and was fully re-opened to the public in March 2015.

It is also a highly popular cherry blossom spot during the short and crowded blooming season which usually falls into early April. On busy days, such as during the cherry blossom season, Golden Week and the summer holidays, visitors may encounter considerable waiting times for entering the interior of the main keep. The number of visitors allowed to enter the main keep may be limited by the used of numbered tickets. - Cited from Japan-Guide.com

My ticket to the castle and Kokoen!

The map of the castle compound

Around the Castle

The white castle is so pretty and beautiful that I have to take many selfies with it. I think you will be amazed too, compared to Osaka castle, I really love this castle. As the name of the castle suggested, Hime means princess in Japanese. I believed that the castle is built to protect the princess in the olden days. On my way to the castle, I also spotted many female statues too thus, the name of Himeji. Overall, I really enjoyed my trip to Himeji and the castle. It's definitely worth my time and money there! Highly recommended!!


Streets of Himeji

That's about it, I hope you guys like this short travel post and do be sure to check out my other travel posts too.

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