Sunday, July 10, 2016

Afternoon peeps! It's Sunday again. I am back for another quick update! In this post, I will posting my visit to kitano-cho in Kobe. For your info, Kobe is the capital city for Hyogo prefecture. I think if you ever visit the region, Kobe is one of the famous cities that pop up in your mind. Anyway, Kitano-Cho is a place where different European country's style of house resides. It's a popular tourist spot in Kobe.

So, I also take on the same route as these tourists and go ahead to visit the street. There are several museums here where you can visit but all of them are chargeable. Each museum showcased each house's individual style. For example, in the French house, you can experience french style cuisine, exploring the french building structure and so forth. One of the trick-eye museums is also housed in this area. Coming to Kitano-Cho, one of the must-visit is the "Kazamidori Honpo" a.k.a 風見鶏本舗 in Japanese. This main store consists of all the mainstream cheese cakes, souvenirs and exclusive sweets stuffs too. Note: If you have been to Daizaifu in Fukuoka, you might also spot their cafe there too.

Check out their official website here!

The main store in Kobe

Another Chesscake shop!~

Kitano-Cho is directly north of Sannomiya station. You will be able to reach the area within 10 mins walk. On the way, you will spot Lawson convenience store and other small shops too. The street is very pretty too. If you want to take bus to reach the place which I didn't took, you can try one of the tour buses where you can board at those designated bus stops. You can spot them pretty easily.

Map around Sannomiya Station

The unique bus stop

The pretty street

The rest of the photos I took during my trip

I enjoyed my short stay at Kitano-Cho, pretty much of walking but weather was cooling, so it's pleasant trip too. I think if you are coming to Kobe anytime soon, this is one of the places which you can't miss out other than trying the notable Kobe beef.

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