Sunday, August 21, 2016
Canal City

Evening peeps! I am back for another weekly post. Yes, I am finally starting to blog about my spring trip to Fukuoka! It's been months, I believed? Hahas. Anyway, in this post, I will be sharing about the popular Canal City shopping mall in Fukuoka city.

The famous curve-shaped levels

Canal City is one of the most biggest malls in Fukuoka and it's also the most popular mall too. Canal City housed more than 100 stores for apparel, restaurants and cafes. Visitors also get to enjoy tax free shopping here too! Well, my objective here is to visit the Japan's popular Moomin Cafe! The cafe is located at level 1 of the mall, just right beside Baskin Robbins.

The foods tasted alright but it's quite expensive to dine here. The services were good and staffs were friendly too. I definitely enjoyed my stay here. The cafe is connected with its retail store too. This is where you can buy the merchandises and stuffs.

My lunch

Friendly staff helped me with a photo

The merchandises

Moomin Cafe
〒812-0018 Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka Canal City Opa 博多区住吉1-2-22
Opens daily: 1000 hrs ~ 2200 hrs

My next stop is to see the fountain show which happens pretty often. For that, the timing, I am not sure. Maybe you guys can check out their website on the show. Nevertheless, the show is really fantastic. The water can shoot up to 3 levels high!

Amazing fountain

Sneak preview of the fountain show!

There are a lot of stores here as I mentioned earlier, you can see from the photo below! Disney Store, Shonen Jump and all sort of stores is here too.

A lot of stores!

After slacking and resting around the mall for hours, it's night time. Another yet popular spot here is the Yatai (屋台) lane which is just outside the mall. The yatai(s) opens only in the evening and I managed to grab dinner at one of the stores before going back to my guesthouse.

The Yatai Lane

The yatai I am in

My dinner

That's pretty much summed up Canal City, I guess? If you are looking for shopping, movie or want to experience the famous yatai lane. This post will probably help you a bit. I definitely enjoyed my visits to Canal City and be sure to be back for more Kyushu posts soon!

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