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Evening peeps, I am back for another weekly post! In this post, I would be sharing about my visit to Dazaifu (大宰府). Dazaifu is located in the Fukuoka prefecture. From its popular Tenjin station, it takes about an hour to reach here. From Tenjin station, take the Tenjin-Omuta line (西鉄天神―大牟田線) and transfer to the Dazaifu line at Futsukaichi station (二日市駅) and alight at Dazaifu station (大宰府駅).

Coming to Dazaifu, remember to go try the popular red bean pancake. They can be spotted along the way to the Dazaifu shrine. These snacks can be sold as one piece or in boxes for your friends and family. However, I still prefer eating at the place because it's warm and straight from the machine. Anyway, Japanese named this snack, "umegae-mochi" (梅が枝餅).

One of the stores that sells these

The interesting machines doing the work

My share

On the way to the Shrine, do not forget to take photo with the notable Starbucks here. It's becoming more and more popular. It's like the trademark of Dazaifu now. Hahas. Nevertheless, this Starbucks is one of the nicest ones in Fukuoka as the exterior design is really unique.

The Starbucks that people are raving about

I stopped by the shrine (天満宮) to pray for good luck. There are a lot of locals, they are all queuing up for their turns. As to follow the crowd. They brought out coins to throw into an area where the coins are supposed to be collected. I seen a lot of them uses 50 yen which I happened not to have. Most of them use bronze coins which I have no idea why so I stick with my 10 yen which is also in bronze color too.

My 10 yen with the shrine in the backdrop

The shrine entrance

Like other shrines in Japan, there are mini stores around the shrine selling lucky charms for own protection, school work, careers and so forth. For this shrine, it's no exception but I found most of the charms are for studies which I believed that this shrine is famous for giving luck to students. Nonetheless, I also bought one charm here too. Following my trail, I came to a park nearby the shrine where you can either visit the kids amusement park or the Kyushu National Museum. I spotted this area where you can watch turtles.

Mini stores selling the charms

The turtle pond

Can you spot them?

The national museum

Small garden which also means leftover garden? (My Japanese still have a long way to go!!)

After that, I returned back to the train station. On the way, I visited several souvenir stores. There are a ton of them here. There is an anime-manga related store here too. I am able to take some photos around the street. Fun fact, do you know the author of One Piece is born in Kumamoto, Kyushu?

All the souvenirs you can get here

I have come the end of this post, I hope I have covered most the interesting things in Dazaifu and that you guys can get some insights out of it. Do share with your friends about my blog post too! Okay, see you guys next week then!

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