Tuesday, August 09, 2016
Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2016

Hello peeps! Happy National Day!!~ I am back from my run back at Kuala Lumpur over the weekend. It was fun and the weather was really windy and cooling. Amazingly, I am able to clock a timing of 56 mins, 1 min better than my average 57 mins. Hmm...must be the weather, hahas!

Unlike our Singapore's edition, the Malaysia's edition doesn't provide the total number of participants in your category, this means you don't know how well you fare among fellow runners. My official ranking is at 182 which I presumed that it's very good as during my run, I overtook many wave 1's runners and that not many wave 2 runners overtook me. Nevertheless, I am really contented with my result but I hope I can come under 55 mins for the next 10km run. My next race will be a 10km run with The Army Half Marathon and upcoming right after AHM will be the major 21km run with Newton Challenge. I am training hard for this run, these 10km runs are to clock my mileage. Hahas.

My race certificate

Back to SCKLM, the race route was nice and there aren't many slopes for the 10km so it's still fine with me. I heard that 21km and 42km runners faced more slopes and it's hard to run on slopes. The race route for my run is spotted with 3 water points and this is pretty normal, if it's less than that, there must be a problem with the organisers. The bottleneck for the race came in when 10km and 21km runners have to share a same route for about 1 km at the 6km mark (If I remember correctly).

The Starting point for my category

The baggage point

The race pack for this year race is thin! In the race pack, it contains the race singlet from Adidas, race bib, salonpas, batteries and some brochures. The registration fee for international runners is MYR139.00 (Approx. S$46.30). Finishers for all the categories also received a finisher medal at the end of the race. We are also treated with bottles of Ice Mountain(s), 100 plus and bananas too. To me, I think the registration fee is not too steep as a normal/good 10km run in Singapore would cost S$50 on average.

The Collection Expo

Crowded with people at the Adidas's area

The popular hashtag board

The race pack for this year's race

The race pack collection expo is bit out of the place but I managed to reach the expo (About 10 mins walk from Hang Tuah station). With only 2 passenger lifts working at the collection venue, I guess it's about waiting. But overall, I am happy with the race and I hope my post here will help you decide to whether for you to join the race next year!

My finisher medal!~

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