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Beppu park

Afternoon peeps! It's Sunday and as promised, I am back here for another travel post! For this post, I will be blogging about my visit to Beppu! Short introduction! Beppu is located in the Oita prefecture on Kyushu, Japan. Oita is one of the popular hot spring prefectures in the Kyushu island. So if you are coming to Beppu, one of the best things to do is to dip hot spring!

Beppu consist of 2 popular attractions, one of them is the famous Mount Tsurumi and the other one is the Beppu Park. For this post, I will be focusing on Beppu park. It takes one about 15 mins to reach the park from Beppu JR station's East exit by foot. There are 2 exits namely East and West exits at Beppu station. You can also take bus 34 from the West exit and alight at the Beppu Koen mae (別府公園前) stop.

At the station, you will be able to spot the statue of the founder for Beppu's hot spring. Right beside the statue, you can see the mini hot spring for hands. Hahas, it's free and there is station staff maintaining it too. The station also housed several souvenir stores and restaurants. I had my lunch at one of the restaurants during my visit.

My lunch, tasty ten don!

The statue of the founder with the station as the backdrop

Staff seen maintaining the mini onsen

Walking towards the park

Pretty sewage lid

Pick up your map at the station to navigate yourself to the park too!

Beppu park is one of the beautiful parks in Kyushu. During spring, the flowers are blooming and you can see locals having picnics and tend to pretty crowded during weekends. Beppu park also housed one of Kyushu popular bamboo forest too. Despite its size compared to Kyoto's one, I am still pretty happy to see and visited this part of the park. I also met several tourists from Taiwan and other neighboring countries too.

Entrance to the park

The bamboo forest

Other sights around the park

I took a bunch of photos while on my way to Beppu from Hakata station. On the way, I enjoyed views of greens and mountains. I certainly cannot find these sights in Singapore and I am glad that I have seen them. Anyway, I guess I have pretty much summed up this post. I hope you guys have enjoyed this post too.

Beppu Park (別府公園)

On my way to Beppu

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