Sunday, October 16, 2016
Mount Tsurumi

Evening peeps! It's Sunday! I am back for another weekly update. This time, I will be blogging my trip to Mount Tsurumi. The national park is located in Beppu, Oita. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the mountain's base by bus. At the base of the mountain, you can explore the Sakura garden and there are several amenities around the area too. I took the Beppu ropeway from the mountain base to explore the top of the mountain.

Inside the ropeway cabin

It cost ¥1,600 for an adult 2-way trip for the ropeway. But I think it's really worth it, the view from the top of the mountain is really pretty. During my stay, I managed to grab some nice photos! At the top of the mountain, you can explore the outdoor park where you can spot several statues. With each statue representing different meaning such as health, love and so forth. I tried to take photos with all the statues I can find too. Hahas.

Photos I took at the summit

Up the mountain, the ropeway station housed the proper amenities such as restrooms and sitting area. There is a mini shop here where you can do some shopping. I bought a souvenir coin using a really cool machine here. I think it cost about ¥400, I cannot remember but there are additional charges if you choose to engrave your name onto the coin. I departed the summit after 30 ~ 40 minutes of exploring and photo taking.

The coin

A mini 3D map of Mt Yufu and Tsurumi

Back at the base, I briefly explored the Sakura garden because my bus back to Beppu station came shortly like about 20 mins after I reached the base of the mountain. However, the sakura are all falling...Nevertheless, I managed to catch some nice ones and took photos yet again! Hahas.

Entrance to the park

Few photos took in the park

I enjoyed my stay at Mount Tsurumi. Do you know that Mount Tsurumi is a lady mountain and Mount Yufu is a gentlemen mountain? In Oita, these 2 mountains are also known as lover's mountains due to the distances between them. I have come to the end of this post. I hope you have enjoyed reading this post too! Be sure to be back soon for another travel post next week too!

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