Sunday, October 02, 2016
Uminonakamichi Park

Evening peeps! It's Sunday! I am back for another weekly update! In this post, I will share about my experience at Uminonakamichi park. The park is a good place to kick start your morning. I went to the park and rented a bike to cycle away some calories I took for breakfast.

The renting of bike can be easily found right after you entered the park. The entrance fees to the park is 410 yen (Approx. S$5.50) and the rental of bike is about 3 hours at 400 yen (Approx. S$5.40). As the park is really big, I would definitely recommend renting the bike. The park housed a mini zoo, flower garden and some observatories too. Definitely, worth the money you paid for. To get to the park, simply take the Kashii line (香椎線) [Direction towards Saitozaki(西戸崎)] and alight at Uminonakamichi Station (海ノ中道駅). The park is open daily from 0930 hrs to 1730 hrs (until 1700 hrs from November to February).

During my visit, I went to the seaside area to watch the sea and the weather was really good. I took few nice photos along my way. Nevertheless, the highlight is visit their mini zoo. You are able to buy animal feeds using the capsule-style machine found around the zoo. I am able to catch Kangaroos, parots, sheeps, horses, monkeys and so many more. The zoo fees is included in your entrance fees to Uminonakamichi park.

The seaview

Selfies with my temp bike

Flowers along my way to the mini zoo

The animals at the zoo!

Another highlight of coming to the park is to visit their pretty Sakura lanes and flower garden. It's just so pretty till words can't describe my happiness of seeing so many beautiful things in one day. I totally went crazy taking photos one after the next. I really enjoyed my stay here. I recommend coming during the spring season which is around late March to early April of the year. You will be able to catch these pretty flowers since it's the peak season. I have come to the end of this short travel post. This will be my last travel post on Fukuoka and from next week, I will be dishing out new travel posts on Oita! Do come back soon!

Thanks to a fellow Hong Kong tourist for this shot!

More selfies!

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