Sunday, November 13, 2016
Purrfect Cat Cafe (2016)

Afternoon peeps! It's Sunday, as promised that I am back here for another weekly update! During my birthday week, I visited Penang again! This time round, I also went to the "Purrfect Cat Cafe" too. This is my second visit to the cafe and during my visit, the cats are awake!! Wees, during my previous visit, they were sleeping. :(

The shop front

Purrfect Cat Cafe was the first cat cafe to arrive in Malaysia and only located in Penang. The cat cafe fever starts when more and more pets cafes popped up in Japan. The entrance fees to play with the cats is around S$10.00 (Approx. RM30.00). There are 8 cats in the cafe and they are on the second level of the cafe and they are free to roam around. Many of the cats are very active except Orange whom only loves to lie around and rest.

First level of the cafe

Playing with the cats

Unfortunately, the cafe stopped offering of cakes as I wanted to try their rainbow cafe which I had last year. The menu was not as extensive as last year too. Now, the cafes only offers drinks and light snacks such as fries and wedges. My mum, sister and I spent about RM90.00 at the cafe and we rested our legs for about an hour before we left to visit our next attraction.


I had fun at the cafe and the staffs were friendly to us too. I would come back to visit again if I touched down Penang the next trip. This time round, the cafe also offered ice cream at their cafe front for tired tourists too. I pretty much summed up my visit to the cafe. I will be back soon for another quick update, so be sure to be back for another post!

Story Closed on 13.11.2016.

Purrfect Cat Cafe
53, Lebuh Muntri, Penang, Malaysia

Click the below link to read about my last year's visit

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