Wednesday, January 25, 2017
Christmas at Malacca 2016

Evening peeps, I am back for another weekly update. Time flies, I guess? This week is the Chinese New Year's week! I will be heading back to Malacca this Friday. About Malacca, I just came back not long ago since last year's Christmas. It's a short trip with my family. I guess this is my second time to Malacca during Christmas.

We took the early bus to Malacca but was only able to reach there around 1500hrs. It's a bad timing to visit Malacca during Christmas, I must say. It took almost 8 hours for a normal 4-hour trip. This was one of the worst traffic jams I had encountered so far. Nevertheless, after we checked into our hotel, we went for some shopping at the nearby Makohta shopping mall. We then have dinner at our fave Old Town White Coffee cafe. Their nasi lemak was really tasty! After dinner, we continued on further shopping and bought coffee from Starbucks and baked cheese tarts from the newly opened Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart.

Photos for the day

Jonker Street

Popular Dimsum!!

The next day, my sister continued on shopping. We also bought some snacks for colleagues and friends. I recommend getting the famous peanut biscuits from San-Shu Gong (三叔公). It's really tasty though it may be a little expensive. We then went to sing Karaoke at Dreambox. After that, we headed to Caffe Bene for tea break before we visit our grandpa and relatives. Dinner was at this very popular Tze-Char restaurant, Sin Tonguan (新东莞茶餐室). After dinner, we went back to our grandpa house for some more small chats before heading back to hotel to rest.

Photos for day 2

The next morning, we woke up early to have breakfast at our hotel again. The buffet breakfast is really sumptuous. The food variety is really wide-spread. Our bus back to Singapore is around 1100 hrs, so we reached Singapore at around 1700 hrs. As I have to go back to office the next day, we went back home earlier that day. I really enjoyed myself during the 2 days back at Malacca. However, I think next year's Christmas, I will be going to Universal Studios? Maybe? Or do something nice like going to the Art Science Museum for some exhibition.

Last day at Malacca...

Compilation Video for the trip!~

Nevertheless, I have come to the end of this short post. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and be sure to drop by soon! :)

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