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Beef Bowls in Singapore and Japan

When anyone wanted to eat beef bowl but is on a budget, I guess we would usually think of Yoshinoya. Yoshinoya is one of the biggest restaurant chains in Japan and has been in Singapore for quite some time now. I remembered correctly that it was during my secondary school days where I had my first Yoshinoya meal at Bugis Junction. Without further ado, I shall go through my takes on the differences of the beef bowls in Singapore and Japan then!

One: Pricing
If you have been to Japan, there are in fact more restaurant chains that are selling the same beef bowl. They are also cheaper than Singapore. Cheaper, I mean 50% of the price we are paying at our own Yoshinoya. Besides, their meal comes with a cup of ocha (お茶), free flow of ice water and miso soup too.

Throwback to 2015, Harajuku's Yoshinoya

Two: Variety
The variety of bowls in Singapore is really more extensive compared to the ones in Japan. We have the salmon, ebi, chicken and time to time promotion on new dishes. Meanwhile, in Japan, their bowls are limited to beef and chicken, if I am correct. However, they have the hot-bowl/mini claypot ones too.

My lunchs and dinners at Yoshinoya

Three: Location and Time
In Japan, the location of beef bowl restaurant are usually located around open street, underground malls, train stations and easy accessible areas unlike inside shopping malls in Singapore. The beef bowl restaurants in Japan usually opens 24 hours daily compared to our Yoshinoya which operates accordingly to shopping mall timing. This bring us to the next point, the restaurants in Japan sell breakfast!

Four: Payment
In Singapore, we usually place our orders over the counter while in Japan, locals pay at the vending machine and pass the food vouchers to the service staff. I think this is pretty common in Japan as most restaurants are doing the same like Ichiran.

Typical ticket vending machine

Five: Beef Bowl’s brands
In Singapore, we only have Yoshinoya. While in Japan, there are 3 big restaurant chains namely Yoshinoya, Sukiya and Matsuya! Yoshinoya is the only one which expanded overseas extensively so far. However, I seen an outlet of Sukiya at Malacca during one of my Malacca trips.

Matsuya's beef bowl

That’s about all I can think about the differences in the beef bowls of Japan and Singapore. The taste of the beefs is actually quite similar though. I guess many Japanese expat living in Singapore whom misses eating their cheap beef bowls can try out our Yoshinoya too.

My dinner previously

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