Sunday, March 26, 2017
Blossom Bliss 2017

Evening peeps! I am back here for another post, sorry for the late update. Anyway, I just woke up not ago from my slumber. Hahas, I was running my Sundown this morning at 1 AM! My legs are still recovering now. Meanwhile, in this post, I will be sharing my recent visit to Blossom Bliss held at the Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay.

This is the second edition of the Blossom Bliss event held at Gardens by the Bay. In this event, the organiser bring in a selection of Sakura trees from Japan. They are pretty and beautiful too. As I cannot make it for a spring trip to Japan this year, I took the opportunity to visit the event to catch glimpse of Sakura trees.

Varieties of Sakura spotted!

The event also displayed the Hanami (花見) culture in Japan where people would gathered under the Sakura trees for picnic and drinking session. Trishaws are also spotted around the park. There are different kind of trishaws which I think it shows the means of transportation in Japan's past and that the status of people of the past.

Drinking and enjoying Sakura at the same time


The flower dome is air-conditional and that it's particularly cold that day I visited. I am freezing after staying in there for an hour or so. I recommend bringing a cardigan or something to keep you warm while visiting. I took several photos around the dome, this is my second visit to the flower dome that's why I didn't focus a lot on the flowers which are common to the dome. Now, you can book the tickets to the observatories (Cloud and Flower Dome) on the Gardens by the Bay's official website. It's easier and you can avoid queuing at the ticket counter.

Overview of the event

Close-up of one the sakura flowers

Dotted with Japanese feel!~


One of my fave photos for the day

Souvenir store after exiting the dome

As Gardens by the Bay is just beside Marina Bay Sands, after the visit, I had my lunch at the MBS's foodcourt. I had the popular chicken rice. There are so many Japanese around too, I think MBS is really a very touristic place. Hahas, I guess this pretty much about my visit for the day. I hope this post will help you plan your visit next year. I think this event is an annual event like the iLights event at Esplanade. Nevertheless, be sure to drop by soon as I will be blogging about my running experience on Sundown 2017!

My lunch

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