Sunday, April 09, 2017
Sundown Marathon 2017

Afternoon peeps! I am back for another weekly update. Sorry for the late update though. In this post, I will be blogging about my experience for this year's Sundown Marathon. This year's Sundown marathon came abit early as the usual run usually take part around May. This year's run took place at the same venue, F1 Race pit. The race village was small and crowded this year however, there are more food joints and booths compared to previous years.

This year also marked the 10th year anniversary for Sundown. I can't believe that it's so fast, time seriously flies. I have been running with the franchise since 2013, 5 years down. Anyway, this year's medal was really nice in my opinion. I thought it is going to be gold in color but turned out it was in bronze. Nevertheless, it is still a nice medal to bring home.

This year's finisher medal

I took part in the 21km category this year too. The running route was not too bad just that the last part of the route was really tough. Water points are dotted around the route which personally I think it's sufficient. I had a pleasant run overall, it's a pity that 21km finisher are not awarded with finisher tee though since it's the 10th anniversary. I finished the run within my average timing of 2 hours 27 minutes. Though it's not my best timing, I am contented. I am looking forward to my next 21km in December!

Results for the race

Post-race, the baggage points are efficient enough, the volunteers are able to assist me with my baggage within minutes. Finishers are greeted with their finisher medal, bananas and isotonic drinks.

Race village

Happy me with my medal

The race pack collection was a disaster this year, participants have to queue up under open area for 2 hours plus to get their race pack. It's madness, in my opinion. It is either the organiser is getting much complacent or the planning is just that bad. Many loyal runners are boycotting the run next year, I believed. Well, I will still join the run and better pray hard for the organiser to put the collection back to Suntec's exhibition hall. This year race pack is quite similar to last year, runners are entitled to the race singlet and various vouchers which I don't think I would use.

This year's race pack

Overall, I am contented with the run but this is not beyond my expectation though. There are rooms for improvement and I hope the organiser can look into giving out more useful stuffs instead of vouchers. Socks or shoe bags may be much useful or sundown's water bottles? Hmm...Towels will be good too.

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