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Gero Onsen

Good evening, peeps! It's Sunday! I am here to put up another post. From this week onwards, please stay tuned for more Japan travel posts! In this post, I will be sharing about my visit to Gero Onsen (下呂溫泉) in the Gifu prefecture (岐阜県). Gero Onsen town is one of the top 3 onsen towns in Japan along side with Kusatsu and Arima.

Gero Onsen trip by Happy in Japan

The train ride from Nagoya is about 2 hours or so. Along the way, I also caught many pretty sights too. I bought the Yumeguri tekatachi (湯めぐり手形) pass as I reached Gero station. Each pass cost ¥1,300 and the pass enables you to visit 3 baths of your choice. The pass can be purchased at the tourist information center at Gero station.

The tourist information centre

My "湯めぐり手形" pass

I only visited 2 baths and I chose Suimekan (水明館) and Ogawaya (小川屋). Suimekan is very hotel-liked and the service staffs were very friendly. It's a weekday, there are little people in the onsen. I stayed for about an hour before heading for Ogawaya.

Entrance of Suimekan

The interior of the ryokan

The view from the Suimekan

Ogawaya is about 10 mins walk from Suimekan, the exterior display a lot frog statues and figures. Gero being the translation in Japanese for frog, it's no wonder there are so many frog statues and figures around. I enjoyed my stay at Ogawaya, it's one of the unique ones in Gero with its tatami bath where the floor is placed with tatami mats.

The Ogawaya's entrance

The interior of the ryokan

Other photos around the ryokan

After my baths, I walked around the town to take a few photos before I leave Gero. It's autumn during my visit so I had chance to catch some kouyou (紅葉) along the way. I love onsen and I usually will visit one whenever I visit Japan. I had a wonderful stay here and I hope to return again. That's pretty much about this post. If you need more information on Gero, do check out, they have much intensive information in English there.

Other photos around Gero Onsen

Nevertheless, thanks for dropping by again this week. I will be posting another travel post next week. So, please come back again!

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