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Evening peeps! I am back here for another travel post! This time round, I will be posting about my visit to Takayama! Takayama (高山) is located in the Gifu prefecture (岐阜県) of Japan. This spot is the transit spot to Shirakawago. Many tourists would make arrangement to stopover at Takayama before heading to the heritage site making Takayama one of the popular spots for tourist.

Takayama has several hotels around which tourists can rest their night at if they are unable to secure a lodging arrangement at Shirakawago. During my visit, I stayed with Country Hotel Takayama. This hotel is just directly opposite the JR Takayama station and cost me about S$60.90 for a night. The hotel is a 3-star hotel, the concept is pretty similar to a business hotel so my room is quite small but it's comfortable. I had a good rest here.

My hotel room for the night

Country Hotel Takayama
6-38 Hanasatomachi, Takayama, Gifu-ken, 5060026, Japan

One of the must-visits in Takayama city is the Nakabashi bridge. This red bridge is one of the bridges which the annual Takayama matsuri take place. Seen from far, it's a really nice bridge to see and take photo with. This bridge is nearby the notable Asaichi Morning Market where locals can get fresh groceries.

The bridge seen from other side of the road

Asaichi Morning Market

The next attraction here is to visit the old street of Takayama. There are several stores on this street which sells nice snacks, foods and omiyage (お土産). I definitely recommend a visit here and take nice ootd photo. Hahas. Coming to Takayama, one of the must-eats here is the Takayama Ramen.

Old street of Takayama

Takayama Ramen

My visit to Takayama also include a visit to the made-famous shrine, Sannoinari Shrine (山王稲荷神社) which is also nearby the popular tourist attraction, Shiroyama (城山). This shrine appears in the really popular anime movie, Your Name (君の名は。). Since I happened to be in Gifu, why not I give this shrine a visit? Hahas. After which, I also paid a visit to the summit of the Shiroyama where I can see part of the Japanese alps. I played with the fallen leaves and stuffs for 30 mins or so before I descends from the hill.

Pretty steps to the shrine

The shrine which appears in the movie

Map of the castle ruins on Shiroyama

Can you spot the alps?

Scenic castle ruins

Me throwing the fallen autumn leaves

On the way to the these mentioned attractions, remember to absorb yourself in the beauty of the nature. I really enjoyed my stay in Takayama. It's a quiet city but really pretty one. I love the tall trees and dried plants here. Look at the photos below! I have come to the end of this pretty long travel post. I hope you have enjoyed reading this one and gained a rough idea of what to do in Takayama. I will be back next week for another travel post, so be sure to watch out for it. Thanks for reading!!

Tall trees

Pretty dried plants

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