Friday, July 14, 2017
Nagoya Castle

Evening peeps! It's Friday, I am back here for another travelogue! This time round, I will be posting about my visit to Nagoya Castle in the Aichi prefecture. The castle is one of the notable castles in Japan, next famous to Osaka Castle and Hyogo's Himeiji castle. The entry to the castle cost ¥500 and its nearest subway station is Shiyakusho Station (市役所駅).

My ticket to the castle

The castle is one of the prettiest castles which I had been to in Japan. When one ever visit Nagoya, they never miss visiting this castle. The view from the ground of the castle was beautiful, I took multiple selfies and photos of the castles. Hahas. Around the castle ground are mini shops that sell souvenirs, snacks, ice-cream, drinks and so forth. Amenities such as restrooms are also easily accessible here too.

My matcha drink topped with soft serve!

Exploring part of the castle inner, you may have to take off your shoes while some parts, you need not. From the top of the castle, expect pretty views of the areas around the castle. There is also a souvenir store at the top floor. Exploring the castle and the areas around it take me about an hour or so. But one can easily spend 2 hours here.

Inside the castle

View from the top of the castle

On the ground of the castle, remember to walk the mini gardens in front of the castle and spot walking samurai and staffs wearing tradition warrior costumes. Some of the tourists also took the opportunity to take photos with them which I didn't. Oops. But they are friendly people, do chat with them if you have the time.

The mini garden

Selfies in the autumn! Hahas!

Overall, I enjoyed my stay at Nagoya Castle. I had fun too, I hope you guys will too. Definitely one of the popular tourist spots in Nagoya! By the way, Nagoya is situated in the Aichi prefecture. So if you ever look into the map of Japan, you may not find Nagoya as it is part of Aichi prefecture. Okay, I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this post and be sure to be back for another travelogue next week! Cheers!

Nagoya Castle
〒460-0031 Japan, Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya, Naka Ward, Honmaru, 1−1
〒460-0031 日本愛知県名古屋中区本丸 1−1

Opens daily: 0900 hrs - 1630 hrs
Last Entry: 1600 hrs
(Closed from 29 Dec ~ 1 Jan)

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