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Dinner at Saizeriya Singapore

Evening peeps! It's Tuesday, I am back for another weekly update. Sorry for the delay due to my preparation for my JLPT N3. Anyway, in this short post, I will be writing about visit to Saizeriya (サイゼリヤ). As you guys know it, Saizeriya has been in Singapore for a number of years now. The restaurant serve casual Italian meals and its affordable price tag really blow people away. I really enjoy their menu till today. Anyway, do you guys know that Saizeriya is actually very popular among Japanese? Saizeriya have over hundreds of outlets in Japan before it open its door in Singapore. If I am not wrong, its first outlet in Singapore is in Liang Court, where Mediya is located.

If you are on budget and wanted something that don't feel cheap, Saizeriya is definitely your choice. From its signature garden salad, popular pastas to affordable steaks and chicken chops, Saizeriya offered a wide range of menu for everyone. You also can top up $2.90 for its drink bar or #3.90 for its drink bar & mini salad combination. Even though without the drink bars option, there are free drinking water.

Pizza Menu (CAA 12 June 2018)

Pasta Menu (CAA 12 Jun 2018)

Today, there are many Saizeriya outlets in Singapore. At first, I feel that many people would feel that the restaurant is an expensive restaurant due to that it offers Western cuisine like Astons' today. In fact, they are even than Astons if you realise. I came to know Saizeriya during my poly days when Suyani (One of my poly cliques) recommended us to go try them out. Back then, there are only 1 or 2 outlets? I went to the Liang Court one.

A typical combination under S$10.00!

After which, I also visited the Saizeriya outlets in Japan during my travels. Indeed, they are also very cheap in Japan too and probably even cheaper than in Singapore. I have attached some of the photos of the Japanese Saizeriya below. Hopefully it helps you understand why Japanese also love this restaurant. I have come to the end of this short review post and I hope this short post will give your more choices to dine out next time! :D

One of the outlets in Osaka, Japan

Liang Court's Saizeriya Outlet

Click below to visit Saizeriya Singapore's webpage!

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