Sunday, July 15, 2018

Afternoon peeps, it's Sunday again. I am back for another weekly update. In this short post, I will be blogging about my first visit to Meigetsu-In (明月院). Yes, this is my first time going in depth to explore Kanagawa prefecture. As recommended by my sensei, Meigetsu-In is the most visited and prettiest garden that houses the popular hydrangea during the summer season. During my visit to Yokohama last summer, I met up with Yasu-san. It's been quite some time since we met up and I have decided catch up with him this coming autumn trip too!

Back to topic, so we two went to visit the garden. It's been some time since Yasu visited the garden too, so we explored for a while. We had a great time there. Once entered the shrine, we are greeted by many blue hydrangeas. As we explored further, we also spotted the purple ones too. It was pretty rare as most of the hydrangeas here are in blue. The shrine is quite big as it also housed a mini zen garden?

Entrance to the garden

Rows of blue hydrangeas

Close-Up of one of the hydrangeas

Purple hydrangeas

Mini Zen Garden

One of the attractions here are the rabbits here. They are called "Sara" and "Momo". I cannot remember if you can buy feed to feed the rabbits but well, they are cute to look at though. The other popular attractions here is the mini bamboo forest which you can feel a bit of Kyoto-ness. Hahas.

The rabbits inside cages, cannot get a good shot. :(

The Bamboo Forest

Meigetsu-In (明月院)
〒247-0062 神奈川県鎌倉市山ノ内189
Open daily: 0900 hrs ~ 1600 hrs (June - 0830 hrs ~ 1700 hrs)

After our visit, we walked quite a distance from the garden to Komachi Street (小町通り) to rest a while before we head back home. Really wanted to thanks Yasu for the company during a Sunday afternoon which he still has work the next day. (お疲れ様でした。) Anyway, Meigetsu-In and other popular attractions are all located in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture. However, for this trip, we only visited Meigetsu-In. We really hope we have more time so we can explore the Great Buddha too.

Tea break with Yasu

Komachi Street

Since this is probably my only Kamakura related post, I shall share what are the number 1 omiyage here. It's none other than the Dove butter cookie (鳩サブレー). These come in packs and for someone whom come from Kanagawa prefecture and probably Tokyo Capital, these cookies are not stranger to them. So, remember to pack one box back to Singapore to share with your Japanese friends. You can get them easily on the main street of Komachi Street.

Popular cookie in Kamakura (鳩サブレー)

I have come to the end of this short travel post, I hope you will like this post like the last one. Anyway, I will be uploading another new post on Yokohama city in the upcoming week, so be sure to be back soon to read about it!

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