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Ueno (2014)
上野 : UENO

Hello peeps! It's time for another travelogue! In this post, I will be blogging about my recent visit to Ueno, Tokyo! Weather was cooling and it was raining quite heavily during my visit. I am freezing while trying to take selfie around Ueno's park. Lols. Apparently, I am still managed to get some decent shots. :)

Ueno is a huge area and it's one of the most popular attractions in Tokyo. The Ueno's park is visited by hundreds and thousands every day. I am one of them, hahas! Alright, without futher ado. I shall go through briefly of what I did during this trip. Unlike my summer's visit in 2013, this trip, I went on a Monday? I can't remember well though, but most of the museums and zoo are closed that day. I still thought that I am able to visit the national science museum like I did last trip...Oh well.

Ueno's Zoo

Ueno Zoological Gardens
〒110-8711 台東区上野公園9-83 上野動物園
Open daily: 0930 hrs to 1700 hrs
Closed on Mondays and Public holidays

Nevertheless, I did explored the park much more than my previous trip. In fact, I am quite well-versed around the area! I think probably that I had visited them before? There are several 2 cafes at the center of the main park namely Starbucks and the other one which I can't bring up the name though. There are also toilets around the park too. Another one of the must-visits is the shrine/temple in the Ueno's park. Entry is free for that and it's a great way to spend an hour or so exploring.

Spotted Starbucks!

The ueno's shrine, very easily spotted!

Another thousands gate's!

Other than light snacks/drinks at the cafes, I also spotted some restaurants around the park too. After a long day at the zoo or visiting the museums, these are good place to rest your feet and recharge for more walking! I don't have a price-range of the foods they are selling but I can guess that it's not cheap as they are located in the popular tourist attraction.

One of the restaurants in the park

Beautiful and quiet park in Tokyo

Another popular attraction in Ueno is 上野アメ横 (Ueno Ameyoko). This is a street with many interesting goods to see, buy and eat! In here, you can get many good dried snacks and also fresh foods too. I walked the street briefly as most of the stores have yet to open. Just to let you guys know, there are quite a number of apparel stores around other than those selling foods and fresh stuffs like meat and seafood. The popular street is also recommended in many guide books and travel blogs. Even my fave "食尚玩家" also paid this street a visit during one of their latest episodes.

Popular Ameyoko!

〒110-0005 東京都台東区 上野4丁目9−13

As featured on "食尚玩家"

I headed back to Shinjuku after an hour tour around the park. Oh well, I hope I have more to share in this post but I guess I am running out of ideas as I did not really managed to visit the museums and zoo due to the rain. I shall stop my words here then, nevertheless, do visit my blog again next week!

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