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Shinjuku (2015)

Good day, peeps! It's Thursday and I am back here for another travel post. This time round, I will be posting about my recent visit to Shinjuku. This is my third time to Japan and Tokyo. My next trip to Japan will be November where I will be exploring Osaka/Kyoto and Nara. I hope I will be able to give more insights on Japan and Taiwan in my future travel posts. Be sure to drop by soon!~

Nevertheless, for now, I shall do an updated post on Shinjuku! This year, I visited Tokyo during the spring season to catch the beautiful cherry blossom. Oh man, it was really superb pretty! As usual, this year's trip will be a sightseeing and laid back trip at Tokyo. Shinjuku is one of the most visited estates in Tokyo as it is one of the busiest JR stations and adding to that with many metro trains connecting to it, Shinjuku is easily named the busiest area in Tokyo.

Street of Shinjuku on a sunny day

Spotted a small lane towards some office building but spotted these trees!

Shinjuku housed a number of huge departmental stores from the familiar Takashimaya and Isetan which we know in Singapore. There are also the much popular one such as Odakyu, My Lord and Keio. These malls housed many apparel brands such as the notable Burberry Black/Blue label (I have mentioned this in my previous posts). At the basement of these malls are tons of affordable and cheap Japanese foods which you can get at range from S$5 - S$10. Most restaurants/cafes here provide free flow of ice water during summer and warm tea during winter season.

I missed going to Shinjuku Gyoen (新宿御苑) this year too, probably my next trip? The park is one of the popular parks in Tokyo and extremely crowded during the weekends of the spring season. This is because of the beautiful sight of the cherry blossom and many people would come here for a good drink and picnic.


〒160-0014 東京都新宿区内藤町
Open daily: 0900 hrs to 1600 hrs

Coming to Shinjuku, another spot which I would recommend is their izakaya (居酒屋) located on the featured Omoide Yokocho (思い出横丁). Many Japanese love to hang out here after work and most of these small izakaya serve beers and our Singaporean's fave, yakitori (焼き鳥). I may missed this too, but it's good to hang out here someday?

Entrance to Omoide Yokocho

〒160-0023 Tokyo, Shinjuku, 西新宿1丁目2

Shinjuku is really a huge area in Tokyo that not only covers shopping but it also have 2 government towers here. There is an observation deck on each of the towers and they are opened to the public during the evening. Entry is free but there will be a security check before you are allowed to enter the tower. Note: Each night, only one observation deck is open. It depends on luck for ya? But views from both tower's decks are equally pretty.

Selfie taken last year!

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
〒163-8001 東京都新宿区西新宿2-8-1

During my recent trip here, I had dinner on budget! I visited the Saizeriya branch at Shinjuku. There are a ton of delicious and tasty foods at affordable prices! Today, Saizeriya has a number of branches in Singapore. As you know that the prices are really cheap. So no doubt, the Japanese version will not be too expensive either.

Dinner for the day

サイゼリヤ 新宿西口
東京都新宿区西新宿1-16-4 フジビル2 B1F
Open daily: 1000 hrs - 0200 hrs

After dinner, I went to my fave store in Shinjuku again, Okashi no Machioka (おかしのまちおか). This store sells a ton of yummy snacks at really stunning prices! I bought about S$10 of snacks this time round as I am on a budget trip.

Goodies I found!

お菓子のまちおか @ 新宿西
〒160-0023 東京都新宿区西新宿1-12-1
Open Daily: 1000 hrs - 2100 hrs

I think that's pretty much about this updated post of Shinjuku! If you would like to read more, stay tuned for my upcoming posts!

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