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Harajuku (2015)

Evening peeps! It's Friday, first day of the long weekend. I am back here to blog about my recent visit to Harajuku. This is my third time in Harajuku. Nothing much has changed so far, I believed? Except that, now there is this new Line store around.

Harajuku is the another popular shopping district in Tokyo. It is conveniently connected by the famous Yamanote line (山手線). It's not difficult to navigate around Harajuku if you wanted to go shopping. Once exited from the station, cross over the other side. During this trip, I visited Meiji Shrine (明治神宮) and Yoyogi park (代々木公園). It's my first time to both of the attractions.

Meiji Shrine (明治神宮) has this very huge gate at the entrance, welcoming me as I explore around the area. The walking trail to the shrine is pretty long, I must say? There is this resting area inside the park, I did not went in there though. There is this area where you will see sake barrels on both side of the trail. IMO, it's pretty cool and definitely worth taking photos.

The Shrine gate

The sake barrels

The Shrine

1-1 代々木-神園町、東京都渋谷区151-8857

Then, I landed foot on the popular Yoyogi park (代々木公園) right after my visit at Meiji Shrine. The park is filled with people, people are having picnic, drinking and eating while enjoying the cherry blossom. This park is pretty big and quite spacious.

Popular picnic area @ Yoyogi Park

Along the scenic small route


Many first on this trip, I also visited the rooftop Starbucks at the popular Tokyu Plaza. The view from the rooftop was pretty awesome. I had a drink and took some photos here before I left. The best part about this Starbucks, free wifi! No need password or anything what's not. :)

View from the Rooftop's Starbucks

東急プラザ 表参道原宿
〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前4-30-3

This trip, I take it slow and everything was pleasant to me. I enjoyed my trip and I think this is one of the must-visit area in Tokyo. Other than shopping, foods are pretty much the same. The usual ramen, don and udon etc;. But coming here, the most attractive snack will be the fresh fried Calbee potatoes chips and the popular crepes from Marion.

Angels and Marion Crepes

Popular Calbee potato chips!

The line characters that welcomed visitors at the entrance of the store!

Inside the store

Line Friends Store @ Harajuku
〒150-0001 神宮前4丁目32−13 JPR神宮前432ビル
Open daily: 1000 hrs to 2100 hrs

I guess that I pretty much covered what I did during this trip. I will be back soon for more updates, so be sure to drop by soon!

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