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Hello 2016, Goodbye 2015!

Afternoon peeps! It's been a really long time since I have a normal post? I guess this post is a bit overdue but hope it's not too late. I guess 2015 has been a great year for me. I travelled, studied, ate and did a lot of cool stuffs. I shall review my year on monthly basis and it shall be a lengthy post. You have been warned. Hahas.

In January, I visited D' Good Cafe with Eileen and Raven. This is my first visit to the cafe, they served really nice brunch meals and aromatic coffee too. The teddy bears were really cute and brighten any kids' day. Nothing much happened in January, I guess.


In February, it's the month where school assignments and the festive season crashed. I am really busy this month with quizzes and assignments. I also paid my grandparents and relatives a visit back at Malacca (My motherland). Time flies, it's a short 28-day month.


In March, our dear Mr. Lee passed away and it has been a really depressing month for all fellow Singaporean. Mr. Lee is one of our founding fathers. He raised Singapore and see it grows. It's a pity that he have left however his spirit shall stay and motivate the next generation to be better. This month, I also met up with Raven for a nice dinner at Watami, Ion. We are so full after the dinner. Hahas.

MARCH 2015

In April, I took flight back to my second home, Japan! This time round, I paid Tokyo a visit. The hanami season was beautiful and the weather was warm. I had a great time there while staying at Soichi-san's home. His room was not too big but it was comfortable enough. I visited new places and bought a considerable amount of stuffs such as topping up my collagen supply. Hahas.

APRIL 2015

In May, it's exam period! I took my free time at work to revise for the exams. Fortunately, I am able to score well and aced some modules too. Hees...May is also the month where I paid ECP a visit. It's been months or probably years since I went to East Coast Park. The park has changed quite a lot. Now, there are new restaurants by the cycling route. There is also Starbucks too.

MAY 2015

In June, I took flight again. This time round, to Taiwan! This is my forth trip to Taiwan and I am no stranger with Taipei's metro system. It's so convenient to get around the city with most rural places like Jiu Fen and Shi Fen being accessible using their Easy Card. This trip, I brought along Raven, Stella and Huishan. Indeed, we had fun and hope we get to travel together soon. Shopping and more shopping, eating and more eating. I guess that's what people usually does?

JUNE 2015

In July, there are 2 marathon races which I took part in. Namely the Pocari Sweat Run and the annual Sundown Marathon! Both races were really awesome! I enjoyed both of them and definitely recommend to all runners out there. This month, I also took my first Japanese examination, the JLPT N5. I scored well for N5 and my next exam will be in December 2016 where I will be challenging the N4 paper.

JULY 2015

In August, there are lots of going-on. I ran in the postponed 2XU Compression Run. The race was postponed due to the passing of Mr. LKY. Anyway, this run was awesome too. It's my second time joining this run. The goodies bag was really good! The month also saw me going for my first musical alone. I watched the LKY Musical cast by Adrian Pang and Sharon Aw. The show was really good. I totally enjoyed myself even though that MBS was crowded with people due to the long weekend. August is also the month where the annual Natsu Matsuri took place. This is my second time joining this event and it's awesome! The range of stuffs have expanded a lot than my last visit. I also took the chance to wear my Yukata too!~


In September, I did pretty much the usual meetups. I also have visited Universal Studios Singapore using the ticket from the SAFRA Celebration Run's promotion package. The package cost me S$45.00 which includes finisher medal, running singlet, S$5.00 USS retail voucher and so much more. I had fun at USS and I hope that the price of the tickets can be more cheaper so that I can be back this following year!


In October, it's almost close to exam period. I mugged pretty much a lot. During my birthday week, I took a break and took flight to Penang. This is my first time to Penang and I pretty much enjoyed myself a lot. With the good exchange rate, it's almost like I shopped and ate without seeing the price tags. I did a lot of cafe hopping over at Penang, watched a nice movie at their cinema's gold class and took a ton of photos! During this period, the haze is really bad!


In November, it's examination month again! I managed to survive it and got a decent result. I hope the following semester would be good too. Though I am left with fewer level 1 and 2 modules...This is also the month where I paid another visit to my second home, Japan! Hahas. This time round, I flew to Osaka and explored the Kansai area. It's a pity that I didn't have the time to visit Wakayama. However, I did explored most of the prefectures in the Kansai area. The travelogues will be out real soon after I am done with my Taiwan travelogues in February, so do watch out for it!


In December, it's the festive season again! Christmas and New Year's eve! It's about meeting up with friends and wrapping up the year. December also see me finishing my third 21 KM run! It's my second time running in the 21 KM category of the Standard Chartered Marathon. This year's runner singlet was also by Adidas and you know, my fave sports apparel is Adidas. Of course, I wouldn't miss this one. Sadly, I have to forfeit this following year's SCMS due to my JLPT N4 examination as both of the dates crashes. Anyway, this year's new year eve firework was awesome! I met up with my fellow Avians and we had a good time at Shabu Sai. This restaurant is a buffet steamboat place where their free-flow frozen yogurt tasted really like those from Llao Llao! Nice catchup, btw!


I have roughly wrapped up my year. I hope I did not missed out the major events this year. I hope to travel more this year and to be able to post more on foods and travel stuffs too. I will be writing more posts on good Japanese dramas and anime movies this year if possible! Stay tuned for all of them then! Nevertheless, I wanted to thank all readers for your continuous support for my blog. Do continue to support me and share my posts with your friends, it would encourage me to post more! Alright, I shall stop my words here, be back soon!

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