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Ximending and Taipei 101 2015

Evening peeps! It's Wednesday! I am back for another quick travel post! This time round, it's on Ximending (西門町) and Taipei 101 (台北101). This is my 4th trip to both of these places in Taipei. Well, I must say that these places are places which you can't miss if you ever visit Taipei.

Ximending is a big area in Taipei. It is one of the favourite places for local youths to hang out. Here lies a ton of shops which sell clothings and stuffs. Now, they have Uniqlo here too. Ximending also have a few "Sing K" spots and a cinema too. Ximending also housed one of the first few outlets of "阿宗麵線". If you looking for Japanese foods, there are also 2 or 3 ramen stores spotted around Ximending too.


Modern Toilet!

Every visit to Ximending, I never failed to pay Eslite bookstore (誠品書店). Eslite Bookstore is a very popular bookstore chain similar to Japan's Kinokuniya. You can say Eslite Bookstore is the Taiwan's Kinokuniya too. This bookstore has a ton of selection of books and magazines. You can get those Taiwan printed Japanese's textbooks and books at a cheaper price compared to Singapore.

Inside the bookstore

Open daily: 1000 hrs - 2000 hrs

It is also my first time singing K in Taiwan too. Raven and I paid a visit to Holiday KTV. Oh well, there are so little Japanese songs! Such a pity...I can't remember the exact figure but the rate here is pretty affordable. Our room come with a private restroom though the restroom smell of cigarettes. We did enjoyed ourselves at the end of the day.

Inside the KTV

Holiday KTV 台北西寧
Open daily: 24 hours


Taipei 101 is another one of the most visited places by tourists. The iconic Jade-green tower is Taiwan's tallest building and around 3 or 4 highest tower/building in Asia. The Taipei 101's mall housed many international designer brands, restaurants, cafes and the entrance to the popular observation deck. Each visit to the observation deck cost about NT400~500. I have not been to the top of the tower yet but hopefully I can paid them a visit some time soon. There are nothing much going on about the mall. Expect things to be bit more expensive because it's a tourist place.

Photos inside the mall

Around Taipei 101's area is the popular Att 4 Fun mall and Viewshow cinema. A little bit out of the mall area, you will be in the Xinyi area (信義區) or Dong Qu (東區). There are many cafes, clubs and bars at these areas. I guess it pretty much about it? I have covered most of the things during my visit and I hope you guys enjoyed this post and be sure to drop by next week for my last post on my Taiwan trip! Cheers!!

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