Sunday, July 24, 2016
Pocari Sweat Run 2016

Afternoon peeps!! It's Sunday, I am back for another weekly update! This time round, I will be blogging about my experience at Pocari Sweat Run 2016. This is my second year with the franchise and I had a great run this year too! Despite the drizzle at the beginning of the race, participants were all looking forward to the race.

The Starting Line

Can you spot me at the starting line? Hahas!

So the run took off with 4 waves if I am not wrong. 2 waves for each categories, 5 and 10 km respectively. With most of the F1 racers and competitive runners in the first wave, I am hardly catching up with them! Oh well, they were training hard for this and casual runner like me should step aside, hahas! Anyway, the race was planned really nice with cheers from the volunteers at the first few hundreds metres of the race.

Hydration points were spotted at every 3 to 4 km checkpoints, so I think it's pretty much fine. Pacers were really fast, I must say. Despite the timing they are going for, 55 mins pacers were way ahead of the mentioned timing! I find hard to catch up and ended my race with the average timing of 57 mins again. Nevertheless, I still did my best to maintain my timing at below an hour! Wees!~

My result for the race

Runners was treated with bottles of Pocari Sweat and banana at the end of the race. The finishers also received a really hard and good quality finisher medal. I really can't comment much on Eng Leong's quality, it's really good!! I am really disappointed that my favourite franchise, Sundown Marathon actually drop their contract with ELM these recent 2 years. I really love good quality medals as they can last longer without rusting.

Hydration point at the race village

Overview of the race village

Some selfies

The notable big Pocari Sweat Can!~

Finisher medal for the race!

Nevertheless, I really did enjoyed the Pocari Sweat Run 2016 race. This is so far, one of my fave races for the year. The venue is accessible. The race village is also well equipped with lighting, sounds and stuffs. The resting area also is very clean and very green indeed! I love that the organisers managed to put in efforts to set up lots of photo booths for runners to take photos with. It's really worth every penny of registration fees I paid! The fee cost me S$50.00 as I am a loyal runner and have registered during the early bird period.

Long queue at the Race Pack collection expo

The race pack for this year's run

One last thing, the organisers are also from a Japan Company which is also one of my fave countries in the world! I also met our National marathon runner, Dr Mok! Indeed, he is really one handsome dude! Many elite runners also gathered for this anticipated run of the year, I guess. Overall, I think the race is fun and I really will join again next year!! Let's run to the moon!!~

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