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Hello 2017, Goodbye 2016!

Evening peeps! I am back here for another yearly post. I guess you guys have been waiting for this! This post will be an image-heavy post so please be patient while the photos loads. Anyway, let's go over year 2016 for me!

In January, it's the Chinese New year month! However, as my grandma just passed away earlier, this year's CNY is quite sad. Hmm...Nevertheless, I still enjoyed myself during the January's Malacca trip. I also meetup with many people in January too. Lunches, dinners and so much more. January may be one of the busiest months for me as school also reopens in January! With that, February is the month where I started to do assignments, quizzes and stuffs. Nothing much happened much in February. Comes March, it's my first One Piece and fun run for the year!

January to March

April marks my first trip to Japan for the year! I met and get to know Chikashi-san and Rumiko-san thru AirBnb! Till date, we are still contacting one another on Facebook and letters? Hahas. I just mailed them a Christmas parcel earlier in November. I also met up with Kahmun and Wenkai after months of not meeting up. Right after the dinner, it followed by my second run for the year, The NTUC Income Run! May is yet another busiest month due to exams! A lot of studying has been done. Before that, I also took part in the Diamond Dash with Kahmun and right after my exams, I also took part in the Sundown Marathon. May also marked my first time wearing my yukata to city area for the SJ50 Wattention event, quite a memorable one, I guess?

June followed up with a visit to the raved Pokemon Cafe, my 4th run for the year, The Jurong Lake TPS run and wrapping up June is a nice visit to Yunomori onsen at Kallang Wave Mall. Since June is holiday period for me, I met up with friends and stuffs too. I also get to know Ayako whom is a Japanese working in Singapore for gaining experiences. It's nice meeting her! Okay, we are half-year done!

Spring Trip to Japan!

April to June

June's trip to the Zoo

July is the month where I met up with Wenkai, Kahmun and Suyani again! Suyani's daughter was so cute! Hahas. July is also the month where I ran my 5th race for the year, The Pocari Sweat Run! I also visited the Charlie Brown Cafe in cineleisure during July too. July is also the month where I started training for bowling but I have stopped since then. Lols. Come August, it's our country's birthday month and the month where I took part in both the Standard Chartered KL Marathon and the Army Half Marathon run too. A short trip to KL was about cafes and exploring the KL city.

September comes fast and goes fast, meanwhile it's the mid-autumn festival. This year, I also bought mooncakes from Goodwood Park Hotel too. September is also the month I get to know Sayana-san whom happened to be also a big fan of Singapore too! Like her, I am a Japan fan! Hahas. I then met up with her and her husband for brunch at Tiramisu Hero after knowing them. I am really happy to get to know more Japanese these days! So I can practise my Japanese more!! Wee!! September is also the month where I visited Johor with Wenya and Wendy! Thanks to Teck Seng, we are able to go in smoothly! :)

August trip to KL

July to September

October is the month where I visited Penang for the second time except that this time, it's with my mum and sister! October is the month where it closes the last few lessons for my Japanese intermediate level. It's also the month where I ran my 8th run for the year, The Newton Challenge! Following November is the month where I am the most busy for the year. If exams are not tight enough, travelling to Japan and taking part in the Bangkok Online Marathon had definitely kept me busy the whole month.

The last month of the year is about meeting friends and celebrating the festive season. I visited the Christmas Wonderland for the first time and the lights were so pretty! I really enjoyed myself in December despite my exam results weren't so good this time round. December is also the month where I took my second JLPT in my life, I sure hope my result for the exam will be good.

Birthday trip to Penang in October!

Autumn trip to Japan!

October to December

Wow! I guess I have pretty much summed up my year! I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this long post. Especially, I have now started to uploading videos on my youtube channel too. Happy new year to you guys and let's start the new year well, yea?

Summary of my runs in 2016

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